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President Trump in Texas, approval polls and other stories of the day

We will look at the storm in South Texas.....President Trump and polls..........the Democrats in disarray....................and other stories............ 

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Do polls even matter with President Trump?

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How would you like to be President Macron of France?  Not long ago, Mr. Macron was the darling of the anti-Trumps.  Today, he is down under like Mr. Trump.
Newt Gingrich has an interesting post about polls and today’s world leaders.  It looks as though most of them are underwater, as they like to say in news analysis.
Let’s take a look at the post:
Macron was at 64 percent approval in June. Now, less than two months later, he has fallen to 36 percent….BELOW TRUMP.
How can the elite media explain this collapse?
How can the elite media rationalize that their young, moderate, sophisticated technocrat is now below President Trump?
They can’t.
So, they don’t.
However, Macron is not alone. The elite media has also failed to inform viewers that the approval ratings of other world leaders have been recorded at similarly low levels in recent months.
For example, British Prime Minister Theresa May earned a 34 percent satisfaction rate, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had a July approval rating of 34.2 percent, and the Democratic Party in the United States received 38 percent approval in June.
All of these approval ratings are lower than President Trump’s – but you don’t see the elite media fighting to break that news story.
Mr. Gingrich is right.  Mr. Trump is down under like a lot of others.
At the same time, what does this mean for President Trump?  Not much, as far as I can see.
President Trump has one thing going for him that makes today’s polls somewhat irrelevant.
First, he’s always beaten the polls.  I was one of those who kept writing here about his negative polls, and look who is sitting in the White House.  So polls and President Trump make great talking points but may not really mean much when people actually cast a ballot.  It raises the question: are the pollsters even reaching Trump voters?  My gut feeling is no.  I can’t prove it, but my senses tell me that Trump voters don’t get calls or talk to pollsters.  It’s the hidden vote that showed up in 2016 to all the experts’ surprise.
Second, President Trump’s greatest ally is a Democratic Party stuck in and consumed by identity politics, from being the party of “transgenders” to sanctuary cities.  According to a recent report by Guy Benson, the Democrats are disconnected from the white working class over culture and the economy.
The problem is more acute when you travel between the coasts.  Call it growing cultural disconnect!
And that’s where their problem is.  They can’t connect with people who like the U.S. and feel that the Democrats don’t.  Or people who believe in traditional values and don’t think the Democrats do.  Or people who are not racists but keep hearing that they are because they disagreed with President Obama’s executive orders, the health care law, or using the EPA to push an anti-manufacturing agenda.
So let me say it again.  The Democrats will need more than Trump-bashing, Civil War monument replacement, and support for sanctuary cities to win back enough seats to change the U.S. House in 2018.  It may all change, but this is how I see it a year before the campaigning starts.
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Forgive me fellow Rangers fans but it'd be cool if the Astros brought a baseball title to Houston in October!

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Viva Houston! Let's celebrate the work of volunteers, churches, police, fire department....we stand with Houston!

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