Saturday, May 13, 2017

A ‘Muslim girls only prom’ is a very bad idea

We are living in weird times:     
The state of Texas has to pass a law to get some county officials to follow the law;  
Harvard University approved a “black only” graduation; and
A school in Detroit is holding a prom for Muslim girls:  
With the goal of creating a “safe space” in mind, a Detroit school has set out to hold a girls-only prom to celebrate traditional Muslim customs. 
It’s being created for girls who would otherwise be prohibited by their ultraconservative Muslim families from going to regular proms, where attendees are allowed to have fun and dance with members of the opposite sex in good old American tradition.
Hamtramck High School’s girls-only “Princess Prom” was first organized in 2012 by a group of five Muslim girls to give them the opportunity to go to a “safe space” prom. 
In 2016, 230 girls showed up. This year, they’re expecting at least 250 attendees.
Let me show respect for Muslim traditions. I understand that prom nights, or the way that some girls dress up, may violate some of their religious principles.
However, this is a public school district. I thought that we settled that issue back in the 1950s when President Eisenhower sent troops to Little Rock, Arkansas!
What about a prom for ultraconservative Catholic families who want their daughters and dates in a separate environment away from talk about Roe v Wade or same-sex marriage opinions? Or Jewish kids?     
The left’s silence about all of this is the other story. Where is the outrage and editorials?   
With all due respect to the parents of these young girls, they should send their daughters to a private school if they want this kind of special treatment. Again, it’s a public school and no one gets a special prom.
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