Thursday, October 10, 2019

Democrats 2020 & China vs NBA plus other stories

Democrats 2020 & China vs NBA plus other stories 10/10 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Democrats in disarray so we are hearing Clinton may run again....Julian Castro and Beto O'Rourke desperately looking for headlines........Fans kicked out of NBA game for showing support for Hong Kong protesters.......and more stories.......

Thursday’s video: “Technical foul” on the NBA in China.....

Thursday’s video: 

“Technical foul” on the NBA in China.....

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Julian Castro discovers that the Border Patrol enforces the law

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Call it a stunt or “Hail Mary” pass.  Call it whatever, but Julian Castro discovered that Border Patrol agents enforce the law, as we see in this NPR report:    
On Monday, Castro crossed into Matamoros, Mexico, to meet with a dozen asylum-seekers who have been waiting there under the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols policy, also known as Remain in Mexico. 
The asylum-seekers were hoping they could be allowed to wait in the United States for their immigration court dates instead of in Mexico, where they said they faced violence and harassment because they identify as LGBTQ.
Castro walked with the group and their lawyers across the international bridge and asked Customs and Border Protection to allow them in, claiming an exemption to the MPP because of their status.
Thankfully, the stunt backfired when they were sent back to Mexico.
Yes, this was a stunt for someone who is fading quickly and needs a front page headline.  It is also an insult to the millions who have come here legally by following the process.
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JR and Dallas popular as ever!

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A few years ago, I took a business trip to Monterrey, Mexico.

During the dining, I told the waiter that I had landed from Dallas a few hours before. He looked at me and said "J.R.".
Incredibly, he asked a bunch of questions about the ranch and the Dallas TV show in general.

I did not want to break his heart.   In fact, Southfork is not as big in real life as it appears on TV.

The Dallas TV show grows with age, or it connects with new fans all over the world.  It went off the air in 1991 but it continues to be very popular.

Why was this show so popular?

First, great characters and personalities. There was something on the show for everybody. The show had good and bad guys. It certainly had every female character under the sun, from the mother to the wife to the flirt to the innocent young woman.

Second, timing. In the late 1970's, The Dallas Cowboys were the most popular team in the country. Everything about Dallas was "cool" at that time.

Third, some of us did keep an eye on Victoria Principal. Why not?

I have not seen the show for years. Nevertheless, there are lots of fans left everywhere!

Congratulations to the cast. They were indeed a sensation!

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Happy # 60 Tanya Tucker

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We say happy birthday to Tanya Tucker.  

She was born Tanya Denise Tucker in Seminole, Texas, on this day in 1958.

This is from her website:
"A defining voice of country music and a modern day legend, Tanya Tucker inspired many female artists who still top the charts today. 
From the signature classic songs to the unforgettable sass and soul of her voice, Tucker has paved a path in country music and beyond through an unprecedented level of success and continues her longevity today due to a natural, undeniable talent."
Yes, Tanya has been quite a country superstar!

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