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The GOP and state legislatures & The Census count with George Rodriguez

The GOP and state legislatures & The Census count with George Rodriguez 12/01 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Guest: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative......The GOP and state legislatures........The Census and the Supreme Court...and more stories...click to listen:

Tuesday’s video: The left had a terrible day on Election Day


Maybe AG Barr can name a special counsel on the 2020 results

Back in 1959, Elvis was doing his military service, so RCA released an L.P. entitled 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong: Elvis' Gold Records, Volume 2.  It was a collection of his hit singles like "I Got Stung."

Well, don't blame President Trump and 75 millions of us if we feel as though we got stung on Election Day.

How did Biden get 80 million votes and the Democrats otherwise do so poorly?

It's a tough question for them to answer, as David Catron just wrote:

During the weeks following November 3rd, innumerable election experts and statistical analysts have pored over the voting data upon which former Vice President Joe Biden’s purported campaign victory ostensibly stands. 

A growing body of evidence ranging from straightforward ballot audits to complex quantitative analyses suggests that the tabulation of the votes was characterized by enough chicanery to alter the outcome of the election. 

Consequently, a consensus has gradually developed among the auditors of publicly available information released by the states, and it contradicts the narrative promulgated by the Democrats and the media. 

The more data experts see, the less convinced they are that Biden won.

So we are left with the suggestion that Joe Biden will take the oath, and half of the country won't believe it.

Maybe A.G. William Barr can do the nation a big favor and name a special counsel to determine whether the 2020 results were on the level.  It may be the only way to prove that 75 million of us aren't wrong.

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