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Remember when the ‘loser’ left the stage for good?

Hillary Clinton Stencil
We have an understanding in U.S. politics that has contributed to our political stability. It goes like this: the loser concedes, offers his support to the new or reelected president and then disappears.  
Do you recall Governor Romney saying that he was on his way to winning until that hurricane hit the Mid-Atlantic region? Or Senator McCain arguing that the banking crisis cost him the job?    
It looks like those rules do not apply to Hillary Clinton, or the woman that will not go away as Adrianna Cohen wrote this week:  
They resist riding their horse into the proverbial sunset despite two crushing losses. 
First to a mostly unknown freshman senator from Chicago, Barack Obama, and then to businessman Donald Trump.
During both presidential contests, Hillary Clinton had millions of dollars at her disposal, strong name recognition, decades of political experience and the mainstream media in the palm of her hand.
Rigged left-wing media avoided investigating or covering all the serious scandals plaguing her campaign from the shady dealings of the Clinton Foundation to her reckless handling of classified information while secretary of state or the four dead Americans in Benghazi she callously hung out to dry.
Yet despite virtually every advantage afforded to a political candidate, American voters — including Democrats — told Hillary Clinton to take a hike.
Not once, but twice.
But instead of picking up on social cues — and polls that found the majority of Americans don’t trust her — she has now launched a new PAC called Onward Together.
Which really should be named “Blowing Billions and Elections Together.” 
And then blaming Russia.  
Both Clintons are such slaves of politics that they can’t enjoy their time off. Bill Clinton couldn’t retire. Instead, he flew all over looking for money. Hillary Clinton can’t go home and play with the grandchildren.
I will let Dr. Krauthammer play psychiatrist but it’s fair to say that Mrs. Clinton never considered a life without politics. She does not know what to do with herself and that’s why she will have to be pushed away.
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