Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tuesday's podcast: The Trump vs Biden today, Biden with auto workers & more


The Trump vs Biden today....Carville goes after left....Biden with auto workers...Kennedy-Nixon debates 1960...and other stories....

Tuesday's video: The Trump vs Biden today, Biden with auto workers & more

Tuesday's video: 
The Trump vs Biden today, Biden with auto workers & more

It's not working

 (My new American Thinker post)

We see another poll showing former President Trump beating current President Biden. Maybe he is not up by 10 but the polls are trending Trump, whatever that means 14 months before people vote.

They've thrown everything at # 45 but it's not helping # 46. So what's going on?  

First, I do think that the economy is hurting people big time, from the price of gasoline to the price of cereal to everything else that you can imagine.  I see this every Sunday when the waiter puts the lunch bill on the table.  More than once, my wife has given me that "I don't believe this" look.  

Add to this the border crisis which is now a national problem rather than only El Paso, Texas.  For a while, the media could avoid talking about the border.  It's different when New Yorkers see migrants sleeping on their streets or Texas border cities are screaming for help.

Second, more and more Americans do not want to destroy their country in order to destroy Trump.  The "indictment" overreach is making a lot of voters worried as Mollie Hemingway, the editor-in-chief of the Federalist, just wrote

While politics-addled leftwingers love what Democrats are doing to their political opponents, most Americans are absolutely shocked and appalled by what they’re witnessing. It’s not just Trump who is being targeted by the regime, but other Republicans and their grassroots supporters. Attacking the right to legal representation, free speech, the right to redress, and freedom of the press is popular with Democrats, yes, but horrifying to many other Americans.

“Are we the baddies?” you can see the few self-aware Democrats asking.   

The strategy of indicting political opponents was supposed to help Democrats wage political warfare in an environment where their policies have led to open borders, endless war, pro-crime district attorneys, and economic malaise. These outcomes are exceedingly unpopular. On top of the policy failures, they’re trying to imprison their top political opponent and keep him off the ballot.

They rushed headlong into the campaign strategy of indicting their political opponents without realizing it would be difficult to change course if that backfired. They can’t very well drop the charges at this point, but the more aggressively they prosecute them, the more it reminds Americans of how absolutely reckless and dangerous they’re being.

The Democrat proposal is to vote for open borders, inflation increases, energy dependence, rampant crime, and actual imprisonment of political opponents. In this light, the polls aren’t so surprising. Even people who don’t love Donald Trump, however much they enjoyed his presidency, are saying they think it’s Democrats who are the real threat to the republic, and it’s not even close.

I'm not a pollster, but I hear something like this from friends.  People do not want to destroy Trump and the country at the same time.

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