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Wednesday's podcast: Election day 2022 the day after

Wednesday's podcast:   

Election day 2022 the day after.....

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Wednesday's video: Election day 2022 the day after

Wednesday's video: 
Election day 2022 the day after.......


We like Mr. Jones today

(My new American Thinker post)

His Dallas Cowboys have not won the Super Bowl since 1996 or the first Clinton term.  

So it's been too long for Cowboys fans yearning for another big game in February.  Nevertheless, Mr. Jones scored a few political TD's by putting his money in the right place.   

This is from CHRON:    
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently made a sizable donation to the reelection campaign of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, according to a Bloomberg report published Tuesday.   
Jones was one of three prominent business executives that donated $500,000 to Abbott in the final pre-election fundraising window, which runs from Sept. 30 to Oct. 29, writes Bloomberg's Shelly Hagan. The two other executives named in Hagan's report are Ken Fisher of independent money management firm Fisher Investments and Midland Energy founder Syed Javaid Anwar. Citing public political contribution data dating back to 2000, Hagan reports that Jones' donation to the Texas governor marks the billionaire's largest donation to a state-level candidate in at least 22 years. 

The Dallas Cowboys owner has a history of large donations to Republican politicians. In 2020 Jones offered combative words to journalists regarding a $1 million charitable contribution he made to former president Donald Trump's inaugural committee in 2017.

So we will forgive Mr. Jones for questionable coaching decisions and some draft choices that did not pan out.  We will get back to football tomorrow, but today. Mr. Jones made the right selection for Texas.

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