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Sunday's show: The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

Guest:  Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent was quite a week for President Trump, from a live TV session with Congressional leaders to a controversy over a "word"........DACA and border security........a surprise in Hawaii.....more good news about the US economy and bonus checks for employees.............and other stories....

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The Vikings win a crazy game

The streets of Iran seem pretty happy with President Trump

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According to a certain network, it’s “s-hole” 24/7.  I am not defending the use of that language.  And the selective indignation is going to backfire on Democrats and some of the folks in the media.
We did get a report this week that the street in Iran is actually happy with President Trump.  This is from news reports:
They are risking their lives to bring freedom to Iran, and vow to continue their protests.
“These uprisings have just begun.  People are not at all willing to give up,” one activist told Fox News from the streets of Iran.
“Their patience has come to an end and they have nothing to lose.  Iran will surely not fall down and people will not retreat from their demands.”
The defiance comes as President Trump announced Friday that he is waving sanctions against Iran under the controversial 2015 nuclear deal one last time, and gave the European allies four months to change the terms of the agreement or he may seek to scrap it.
The protesters we talked to demand even harsher sanctions.
“They should impose major sanctions on the regime,” one protester demanded.  Another added [that] there “should be sanctions for human rights violations.”
The protesters are members of the long banned opposition group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI, also known as the MEK).  The group’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, has been directly blamed by the Iranian government for fomenting the unrest.
Social media videos show supporters unveiling large banners with Rajavi’s photo over highway overpasses, and continuing their opposition. …
The group is calling for Iran’s oil exports to also be subject to sanctions, the ability of the Tehran regime to access the international banking system to be cut off, as well as other punitive measures.
The activists predict [that] stronger methods will work, and are thanking the president and the American public for keeping up the pressure.
“We thank you President Trump.  We call on all of the supporters of the people who press this regime from different fronts, to put pressure with you and overthrow with us,” the activist told Fox News in broken English.
He and others said they are grateful that the Trump administration is expressing support for the resistance that has been staging many of the protests.  The demonstrations started Dec. 28, and the government claims that they have largely been quelled.
That is why the activists are looking to the United States for inspiration – and more help.
Inspiration is right, and thankfully, President Trump is talking.
By the way, I couldn’t help but think of the NFL players when reading this article about Iranian protests.  Over there, you have real heroes risking their lives fighting a repressive government.  Over here, we have a clown, who can’t play quarterback anymore, talking about injustice.
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