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The trial in Minneapolis plus US-Mexico border with George Rodriguez

The trial in Minneapolis plus US-Mexico border with George Rodriguez 04/21 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Guests: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative.......The trial in Minneapolis and the future of US cities.....the latest from the US-Mexico border.............and other to listen:

Wednesday’s video: Raul Castro stepping down

Wednesday’s video: 
Raul Castro stepping down 
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The Democrats created the mess

No matter how the jury decides the Chauvin case, it's interesting to hear Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota say this:   

"We can’t live like this," he said. "We simply can’t. But we can’t have thousands of businesses burned and people put at risk." 

The governor is correct but nine months late.  Imagine if had said that last May when the police station was destroyed?  Maybe businesses would not have been burned or many people put a risk?

What we are watching is the direct consequence of Democrat politicians who exploited the riots to hurt President Trump.

Many of us saw the riots in Minneapolis and did not understand why Walz waited as long as he did or tolerated so much violence.  We saw buildings burn and Democrats making excuses for the looters.  

The Coming Modern Grand Solar Minimum

Now, Walz and the mayors of these blue cities are living with the consequences, as Kyle Smith wrote:  

The balance of cities, already hit by a fiscal hurricane because of the duration of the lockdown, will tip toward heavy consumers of government services and away from high earners. Cities will be forced to raise taxes. The taxes on high earners and corporations will seem punitive. Even more of them will flee as taxes go up. The things successful people like about cities, such as high-end restaurants and culture, will follow them out to the suburbs. Corporate office parks in the suburbs will see a resurgence.

People who stop commuting into cities will lose interest in them and their institutions. They will lose interest in funding cities. This will worsen the fiscal problems for the cities.

Cities will lose congressional seats. Federal funding will be steered away accordingly.

Voters left behind in cities will be a combination of the indigent, immigrants working in low-end jobs, the young, and the woke. These people will vote for a hard-left agenda focusing on aid to the poor, forgiveness for criminals, hatred of the rich, and boutique woke issues such as global warming that will push the Democratic Party well to the left.

In other words, the demonstrators and rioters are going to remake the cities in their own image. And it’s going to be disastrous for those cities.

Yes, the "donut hole" will get bigger.  It will be almost impossible for these city governments to attract business relocations because the new arrivals would rather live in Frisco than Dallas, as we see here in Texas.  The middle class will get out and the poor left behind will attend worse and worse schools.  The streets will look like the surface of the moon, exactly as I felt driving in Dallas with potholes so big that I was afraid of losing my car.  Last, but not least, it will be impossible to attract new recruits to the police force.

So thank you Governor Walz for realizing that "we can't live this."  It would have been a lot better if you had said that the night that the first fire bomb was thrown in Minneapolis.

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