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Saturday's video: Russia and Ukraine plus a young widow speaks in New York City & Baseball...

Russia and Ukraine plus a young widow speaks in New York City & Baseball Hall of Fame 1936........

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Putin and Ukraine plus a young widow in NYC & Hall of Fame 1936

Putin and Ukraine........Young widow speaks for lots of people....Arizona governor calls for Mayorkas to 'step down and step aside'......Pennsylvania and ballots by mail........Hall of Fame 1936.....
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Confirm whoever and move on

(My new American Thinker post)

 In a few weeks, President Biden will present a candidate for the Supreme Court.   All we know is that it will be a black woman.   Yes, on the 59th anniversary of the “I have a dream” speech, we will select a person based on her skin color.

So what does the GOP do?  

Some are calling for the GOP to hold up the appointment, or using some Senate rules to keep the nomination from going to a floor debate.   Others are calling for a battle over her opinions, legal or otherwise.  Others, like Professor Jonathan Turley, are questioning the racial component of the nomination given cases that the Court may be looking at soon:   

Biden's controversial use of racial and gender criteria will only grow in the coming months as the Supreme Court considers two new cases involving racial preferences in college admissions. Those cases may now be heard before a Court with one member who was expressly selected initially on the basis of not of a racial preference but a racial exclusionary rule.

What does the GOP do?  Confirm the lady and move on.  Don't let the Democrats use the nomination to play the race card, and you know that's their plan.  What else do they know what to do?

Confirm the lady.  She will not change the ideological balance on the court.  She will join Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Justice Elena Kagan in writing minority opinions but have no consequence on the major cases, such as abortion or racial preferences in schools.

The GOP should not allow the Biden administration to change the subject.  Most Americans are worried about inflation, the fights over mandates and the general economy.   Arguing over a woman that will not change the court is not worth it.

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