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Afghanistan mess.........Biden speech....and more stories

Afghanistan mess.........Biden speech....and more stories 08/17 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Afghanistan mess.........Biden speech.........President Bush & Prince Harry on Afghanistan.......Woodstock 1969.......
and other stories.........click to listen:

Tuesday’s video: Biden’s horrible speech

Tuesday’s video: 
Biden’s horrible speech 
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Biden should fire his entire national security team


(My new American Thinker post)

We heard in 2020 how Joe Biden would walk into the presidency as a man well versed on foreign policy. The media repeated this over and over again, as we remember:

Biden has been blasted by even liberal media outlets for the scenes of chaos unfolding in the war-torn nation, as the Taliban seized power in Kabul and the Afghan government quickly collapsed amid the U.S. troop departure. The president has been accused of being caught flat-footed, looking incompetent, betraying allies, and emboldening American adversaries.

Yet part of Biden’s appeal to the press in 2020 was his supposed foreign policy chops after decades in the U.S. Senate and eight years as vice president, although Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates once remarked Biden had “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

The New York Times wrote in its endorsement editorial that Biden would “stock his administration with competent, qualified, principled individuals” and said he had the “necessary chops” to restore the country’s global reputation.

To say the least, the wise ones left their chops at home.

This is on Biden 100%, but he clearly got some very bad information about the situation in Afghanistan. Back in July, he painted a picture of Afghanistan that just did not work out.

Who gave Biden those facts? Or was this another one of those Biden moments when he just spoke out loud without any information? It’s one thing to “gaffe“ about this or that but this was a president assuring a nation that things were under control in Afghanistan. You’d be fired in a private company for making such a grave mistake.

Biden would go a long way toward recovering his credibility by accepting blame and firing a few of his advisers.

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Happy # 84 to Diego Segui

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We say happy birthday to Diego Segui who was born in Holguin, Cuba, on this day in 1937.     He was another one of those who played in the old Cuban league and later in the US major leagues:  Segui won 92 games, saved 71 with a 3.81 ERA.  
Diego broke in with the Kansas City A’s (now Oakland A’s) in 1962 but left his mark in the city of Seattle.    
My guess is that young Diego of Holguin never heard of Seattle when he was dreaming of a baseball career in the island’s sandlots. 
Segui is the answer to a great baseball trivia question:   Who pitched on opening day for the old Seattle Pilots in 1969 and the current Seattle Mariners who started playing in 1977?    (By the way, the 1969 Seattle Pilots became the 1970 and current Milwaukee Brewers)  
Here is the story:     
“The city of Seattle (Washington) has been home to two Major League franchises.The Seattle Pilots, who were an American League team based in Seattle, Washington for one season, 1969, before being relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.And the modern day Seattle Mariners, an American League team also based in Seattle, Washington, 1977 through today.Diego Segui is the only player in baseball history to play for both the Seattle Pilots (66 games pitched in 1969) and the Seattle Mariners (40 games pitched in 1977).Even more unique than that, Diego Segui played in both franchises Opening Day game, appearing in relief on April 8, 1969, the first game in franchise history for the Seattle Pilots, and was handed the loss on April 6, 1977, the first game in franchise history for the Seattle Mariners.”
Diego retired in 1977 after pitching with a few other teams.  Segui will be always be remembered in Seattle.   He is the only man who wore the Pilots and Mariners uniforms on their respective opening day games!   To my knowledge, no other major leaguer has ever done that. 
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Happy # 80 Boog Powell

Image result for boog powell orioles images
We remember John "Boog" Powell born on this day in 1941.   

Powell broke with the Orioles in 1961 and became a regular in 1962:  15 HR & 53 RBI.   By 1964, Boog was one of the top power hitters in the AL:  a .290 average with 39 HR & 99 RBI.  His best season was 1970:  .297 average, 35 HR, 114 RBI and the AL MVP.   The Orioles also won the World Series that year.

Boog hit 303 HR as an Oriole (339 total) and remains one of the most popular men ever to wear the team's uniform.  After baseball, the former MVP set up a barbecue operation at Camden Yards.

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