Friday, September 29, 2023

Friday's podcast: Senator Feinstein RIP, Arizona governor, Violence vs women on the border & more

Senator Feinstein RIP, Arizona governor, Violence against women on the border and other stories....

Friday's video: Senator Feinstein RIP, Arizona governor, Violence vs ...

Friday's video: 
Senator Feinstein RIP, Arizona governor, Violence vs women at the border


Come running home, Katie

 (My new American Thinker post)

Back in the days of 45's and Top 40 radio, Mark Lindsay (formerly the lead singer of Paul Revere & The Raiders) had a solo release titled "Arizona" and it went like this:

"She must belong to San Francisco

She must have lost her way...."

We are not sure if Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs belongs in San Francisco or lost her way.  We do know that she is missing in action.  Here is the story:

On Wednesday evening, the Arizona treasurer announced that she will be serving as acting governor beginning later this evening until mid-morning tomorrow amid a mysterious disappearance of Gov. Katie Hobbs.

In a press release on X, formerly known as Twitter, Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee announced her brief tenure as acting governor, saying that she is "pleased to step in this role."

The Republican state treasurer noted that during her less than 24-hours as acting governor she would refrain from confirming the thirteen agencies that still hold vacancies and wait for the Democratic governor to fill them upon her return. 

 Confused?  I am.  

First of all, let's wish the governor the best.  We hope that it's not a medical reason.  Let me repeat that we wish her the best if this is some kind of emergency.

At the same time, the whole episode is strange because no one is explaining her absence.   

Yee, the acting governor, is fourth in line.  In other words, the Arizona succession is secretary of state, attorney general and then state treasurer.  Apparently, the attorney general is out of state until Friday morning.  Where is the AG?

Some are saying that she does not want to be around when President Biden is in town.  Maybe so, but she could pull a Beto and say that he has another obligation at the time that President Biden came to Texas. 

It's all very strange and we hope that someone gives the voters an explanation.

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Happy # 74 to Steve Busby

Happy birthday Steve Busby who was born in Burbank, CA, on this day in 1949.

Some of us are old enough to remember Steve Busby the pitcher not just the man who called Rangers' games on TV and radio.  

Steve played at USC.    He broke with the Royals in 1972 pitching a complete game against Minnesota.  

In the early 1970's, or before injuries cut short his career, Busby seemed like a man headed for the Hall of Fame:   54 wins over first three full seasons along with 45 complete games and 2 no-hitters before he was 24!

In fact, Sporting News had him on the cover:  "Unlimited future"!

After baseball, Steve became an excellent radio and TV play by play analyst.

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