Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday's video: President Trump at the UN

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Reaction to President Trump at the UN and a few other thoughts.

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What Happened, Hillary? Check the Emmys

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For days, we’ve seen bits and pieces of Mrs. Clinton promoting her new book:  What Happened.   
Frankly, I think that it should be retitled Something Happened and I Had Nothing to do With It.
Mrs. Clinton has been trying very hard to find a cause for her unexpected loss. She blamed men, then James Comey, then women who didn’t vote, then this and that and this and that. It’s only a matter of time before she blames the Babylonians for creating a 24 hour calendar. Maybe she would won if the day was 36 hours long and more people could have been picked up to vote.
So what really happened?  
Let me suggest to Clinton that she should sit down and watch the Emmys of 2017. The explanation for her defeat can be found in that show and so many of the people who came on stage to make fools of themselves.
For the sake of numbers, it was a horrible night for the show, as we see in this report:   
Facing a Green Bay Packers game on NBC’s Sunday Night Football once again, the POTUS bashing Emmys got knocked down a little to a new low last night — at least in the early numbers.
Snagging a 8.2 in metered market ratings, last night’s just over 8 — 11 PM Late Show host fronted shindig from DTLA’s fortified Microsoft Theater tripped 2% from the 2016 show. To give some necessary context, that result is from 50 of 56 markets reporting due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irma hitting Florida last week.    
So let’s be fair:  it’s the early numbers and a lot of people didn’t watch it in South Florida. At the same time, do you think that the later numbers are going to change anything or that people in South Florida would have tuned in? Did you forget that Trump carried Florida?
We saw Sunday night everything that is wrong with the people who can’t win elections:
1) Total disrespect for the 63 million who voted for President Trump. Wonder what the advertisers think of that? My good guess is that many Americans will be calling advertisers today to say that they don’t appreciate their product supporting people who think that everyone is stupid.
2) A lack of maturity. Do these people really think that we tune in to watch an award show to hear their political opinions? My guess is that even liberals don’t do that. It’s the ESPN syndrome. Who watches sports highlights to hear someone’s opinion about DACA?
3) Total arrogance. They think so poorly of those of us who disagree with them. They can’t handle dissent or a different point of view.
Anyway, I think that we found “what happened” in 2016. It was there for the world to see on your TV screen.   
Thank God that I had to do a radio show and my sons were flipping between the Nationals vs. Dodgers and the NFL game. Even my wife said it was too silly and political and decided to watch an old “Downton Abbey.”
It was an awful Sunday for the Dallas Cowboys in Denver and for the left in Hollywood. At least Dallas got ratings.
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2008 and we were talking about the incredible Clinton money machine

This is from 2008.....

From Truman to the first Bush, presidents built libraries, gave a speech at the conventions, and stayed out of partisan politics.

No more.

Bill Clinton has redefined it all.

Martin Peretz is editor in chief of The New Republic. In other words, Mr. Peretz is not some right wing conservative.

"What we now know is that Mr. Clinton was indiscriminating when it came to accepting cash from all sorts of countries.

He took money from poor countries like Jamaica, and more prosperous countries like Italy. He dipped into the Irish Aid Fund and the Swedish Postal Lottery for big money, and for small money from the Social Economic Council of the Netherlands.

And then there was an especially strange source from which he schnorrered: Citgo, Hugo Chávez's oil company.

Even if the revolucion didn't gain points for this, it is unseemly for an American president to ask the energy company of the Venezuelan dictatorship for spare cash.
So where did all this fund-raised money go?

Wouldn't you want to know to which philanthropic undertaking the King of Saudi Arabia and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques committed himself?
This information is not in the report -- and it doesn't look like President-elect Obama has any interest in pushing for further disclosure.

Maybe the king just gave to general expenses."

As always, Bill Clinton is one very controversial fellow. I can't wait for Hillary Clinton's answers at the confirmation hearings.

P.S. What would they say about Sarah Pallin if "The First Dude" was running out collecting huge amounts of cash from other countries?

A post from 2009 and the Clintons have not changed a bit

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This is a post from 2009.....

Based on news reports, former Pres. Clinton agreed to release information about his library and some of those lucrative business arrangements.

In other words, Pres. Clinton has done rather well as an ex-president! He has made money and lots of money! He has received many Library donations, such as one from Marc Rich's wife. (Rich was pardoned by Clinton at the last minute of his presidency)

Joe Conason has a few thoughts on Bill's future.

He worries that Bill will interfere with Hillary's work.

I don't know.

However, Bill Clinton loves microphones and attention.

Hillary couldn't control him during the Dem primary.

What makes you think that she can control him now?

Speaking of Sec of State Clinton, we should read Drama and Hillary go hand in hand:
"Drama and Hillary seem to go hand in hand, though this is not always her fault. Her husband seems the source of much of it."
There is always drama and scandal around the Clintons. Why do we expect anything else now?

A new movie about Chappaquiddick and Ted Kennedy

Just heard that there is a new about Chappaquidick.    Ted Kennedy put Chappaquidick on the political map in July 1969.

We will wait to see how this new movie treats the story 38 years later.  I'm skeptical that the new movie will add anything to the story.

What happened that night?

Only Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo know.

Unfortunately, Mary Jo never got to tell her side of the story.

In the end, justice was done because Ted Kennedy's presidential ambitions drowned that night, too!

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