Saturday, February 29, 2020

Blame it on Nancy

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The Democrats are in panic mode, as we read in various news stories about concerns over the Sanders candidacy’s effect down ballot.   
When is someone on the other side going to pin the Sanders’ candidacy on Nancy Pelosi?  She is responsible for this.  It was her weakness as a leader that led the left in the House to take over the party.   
Blame it on Nancy.  She made this nightmare scenario possible, as we see in this editorial:     
After her stunning victory in 2018, Pelosi seemed to be keeping her party on the right path, avoiding capitulation to the far Left. She resisted an ill-founded impeachment effort as long as she felt she could. She fought against attempts by the far-left “Squad” to usurp her speakership, even disparaging their “Green Dream, or whatever they call it.” 
And then Speaker Pelosi lost control of the class, as they say in school.   She cracked on impeachment.  She refused to sit down with President Trump, govern, and put some trophies on the wall for those moderates who made her speaker.  She pleased the left by just attacking President Trump over this and that.
And now she is going to see her majority go down the tubes!
What if Pelosi had stood up to this leftist crowd a year ago and told Sanders that he is not a Democrat?  They’d be in better shape today, to say the least.
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