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From 'California dreamin' to 'California "leavin''

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California is still the same place that inspired John Phillips of Mamas & Papas to write that famous song:
"All the leaves are brown And the sky is grey 
I went for a walk On a winter's day 
I'd be safe and warm If I was in L.A. 
California dreamin' On such a winter's day....."
IBD just posted an editorial that explains why they are singing "California leaving'" these days.  Toyota is not the only one moving out:  
"Over the past 165 years, California has grown at an average annual compound rate of 3.8%.
But in recent times it has morphed from being America's (if not the world's) greatest people attractor to being a massive population and jobs repellent"
Taxes, regulations and quality of life are driving people out, or that's why I hear from all those people wearing "LA baseball caps" around here.   

They tell me of abusive real estate prices and fees for everything.  It reminds you of that Beatles' song:   "If you drive a car, I'll tax the street....."

California's fall is related to the rise of public sector unions, as the aforementioned IBD editorial reports:

"The California Teachers Association union is the state's largest political contributor, having spent $212 million in state races over the past decade on both candidates and propositions. This is more than twice the next-largest political contributor, also a state government employee union.  
Public employee unions have had state politics locked down for so long that almost every public employee, past or present, judge or contractor, has benefited directly or indirectly from their actions. And to state the obvious, every opponent of theirs has been punished.  
Finally, it's these very same people who also draw the political redistricting boundaries for federal, state and local political races.  
Democratic Gov. Davis and the Democratic-controlled state Assembly and Senate redistricted California after the 2000 Census. Including the elections in 2000, there have been 560 regularly scheduled Assembly elections between 2000 and 2012.  
After the election of 2000, the Democrats controlled the Assembly 50 to 30. In 2002 the Republicans picked up two out of 80 seats.   
For the next six years there wasn't a single seat that changed hands. In the Obama sweep of 2008, the Democrats picked up four seats and the Republicans picked up one, leaving the Democrats in charge 51 to 29.  
In the election of 2010, the Democrats picked up one more seat, giving them a 52 to 28 majority. But after the redistricting of 2011, the Democrats extended their majority to 55-25 in the election of 2012.  
It's hard to imagine how the people of California can ever win when amoral politicians set the rules to perpetuate themselves, force state employees to pay dues that are then used for political purposes, appoint their own judges, pay off their supporters, punish their opponents and hire ringers to fight their fights.   
We need a miracle."
I don't see a miracle in California.  I do see a point where even liberals will have to come to their senses and see the handwriting on the wall.

My friends in California tell me that the Toyota move to Texas shook up the political class.  Unfortunately, they will need a few more before real change happens.

In other words, things will have to get worse in California before they get better.

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