Monday, August 17, 2015

Give our Air Force the green light to take out ISIS

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Our mission to destroy ISIS is not working. The pilots are great. The bombers are superb. The bombs are deadly. 

Unfortunately, the commander in chief is into hope and change and doing everything possible to kick the can forward to January 21, 2017. 

President Obama's vacation from reality may help him politically (i..e. the country is war weary) but it will mean that his successor is going to have make some tough calls.

It's time to unleash our pilots and let them give ISIS a taste of American air power as posted by Michael Knights:
Air power is America’s secret sauce: Nobody opens up a can of whoop-ass like U.S. combat aviators. But for the last year, the most powerful air force in the world has been hamstrung in Iraq by a combination of strict rules of engagement and too few trusted on-the-ground spotters for airstrikes.
The United States only assesses small numbers of U.S.-trained Iraqi and Kurdish special forces as trustworthy enough to designate targets. The power to call in American airstrikes, after all, is not something it wants to hand out lightly -- the Pentagon needs to know that Iraqis are not using American airpower to settle personal scores.
When these Iraqi or Kurdish special forces deploy to provide ground-level close observation, U.S. airpower can be devastatingly effective. But such instances only account for a tiny proportion of firefights. On Aug. 3, for instance, coalition airpower intervened in eight places in Iraq while the war raged across a more than 1,200-mile front line.
Air power is not a magic bullet but it does deliver a message.   

We need a GOP candidate with the courage to say the truth about Iraq, such as:   

1) It was a brutal mistake to leave in 2011. We must go back with massive air power and a coalition of ground troops; and,

2) The U.S. can not be a passive player.    We must lead and support our allies.  

Yes, the third Iraq War is coming.   We better start preparing the American people for such a reality!

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