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Lebron James, Biden in Saudi Arabia & Joe DiMaggio 1941

Lebron James should stick to basketball........Biden in Saudi Arabia.....Democrats going crazy over Manchin......Happy # 79 Jimmy Johnson......Joe DiMaggio 56 in 1941.........
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Saturday's video: Lebron James, Biden in Saudi Arabia & Joe DiMaggio 1941

Saturday's video: 
Lebron James, Biden in Saudi Arabia & Joe DiMaggio 1941.....

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'Woke' is just a four-letter word for Hispanics


(My new American Thinker post)

The current state between Hispanics and Democrats reminds me of a song by the Beatles:

"I'm looking through you

Where did you go?

I thought I knew you

What did I know

You don't look different

But you have changed

I'm looking through you

You're not the same..."

Yes, "you're not the same," and "you have changed," is what we're hearing. We never heard of a man who got pregnant and had a baby. The people in our community who do that are "mujeres" not "hombres."

"Woke" is toxic with Hispanics who love family, country, and God.  I guess that Democrats are finding that Hispanics don't think that the U.S. is racist and horrible.  Instead, they think that this country gave them a second chance in life as I always remind everyone when I talk about coming to the U.S. I thank my late parents every day for their sacrifice that brought me here.   

Once upon a time, Ruy Texeira spoke of a permanent Democrat majority courtesy of Hispanics.  Ruy is singing a different tune these days:   

The crosstabs provided by Echelon allow for a comparison of strong progressives’ basic political views with those of Hispanic and working class voters…

1. America is not the greatest country in the world vs. America is the greatest country in the world. By 66 percent to 28 percent, strong progressives say America is not the greatest country in the world. By 70-23, Hispanics say the reverse and working class voters as a whole concur by 69-23.

2. Racism is built into our society… vs. Racism comes from individuals who hold racist views... Strong progressives are very, very sure of America’s systemic racism, endorsing the first statement by an amazing 94-6 margin. But Hispanics disagree, endorsing the second statement that racism comes from individuals by 58-36, as do working class voters by 57-33.

3. The government should deal with illegal immigration by making it easier to immigrate to the US legally vs. The government should deal with illegal immigration by increasing border security and enforcement. Strong progressives… favoring easier immigration by 97-2. Hispanics, however, are split down the middle with 44 percent favoring increased border security and enforcement and 47 percent opting for easier immigration.

4. Transgender athletes should be able to play on sports teams that match their current gender identity vs. Transgender athletes should only be allowed to play on sports teams that match their birth gender. Strong progressives overwhelmingly endorse allowing athletes to play on the sports team that matches their gender identity by 66-19. But Hispanic voters by 64-22 say athletes should only play on teams that match their birth gender; working class voters are almost identical at 63-22.

5. We need to reallocate funding from police departments to social services vs. We need to fully fund the budget for police departments. Strong progressives want to reallocate police funding by 87-12. In contrast, Hispanic voters want full funding of the police by 50-41 and working class voters are even stronger on full funding by 59-31.

6. Hard work and determination are no guarantee of success for most people vs. Most people who want to get ahead can make it if they're willing to work hard. Strong progressives don’t evidence much faith in upper mobility, endorsing the first statement on the questionable efficacy of hard work by 88-12. Hispanic voters, on the other hand, embrace the view that hard-working people are likely to get ahead by 55-39, as do working class voters by 55-40.

Strong progressives clearly live in a different world than Hispanic and working class voters.

In summary woke is a four-letter word for Hispanics.  They don't think that babies should be aborted for no reason.  They want the police funded and supported.  They don't want their daughters competing with boys who pretend to be girls.  They don't think that men can get pregnant. It's a rejection of woke driving Hispanics from the Democrats.

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