Saturday, January 02, 2016

Romney vs Biden plus the Rangers!

Happy New Year to all of my AT friends.   
Here is a question: Who predicted that we’d be talking about Mr. Trump rather than Governor Walker at the end of 2015? Or the disappearance of Governor Bush? On the other side, who saw Senator Sanders coming?
2015 was the craziest pre-election year that I’ve ever seen. After all, how do you mock a war hero like Senator McCain and survive it?
Here are a couple of predictions that some of you may agree with.
First, this is the year of the Rangers. I know that people have said that before but the Rangers will finally win a World Series! I can feel it! We won’t drop a fly ball again. We won’t make 3 errors in one inning. This is the year that we catch the last out of the World Series and turn ground balls into postseason outs.
Second, and more important, the GOP primaries will not produce a candidate with a majority of supporters. Therefore, we will have a brokered convention, a good old fashioned meeting that actually determines something.
Mitt Romney will come back as a unity candidate, as Michael B. Dougherty wrote. He will pick Senator Rubio as VP and the GOP will have another RR ticket. (Remember Romney-Ryan in 2012?) Romney will make an effort to woo Hispanics this time and that will improve his chances.
On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton will float along until the “emails iceberg” finally hits her. After all, how can someone be this reckless with government information and not pay a price?
Hillary’s troubles will bring VP Biden into the race. He will be selected by super delegates desperately looking for anyone who can run. Biden will add Senator Kean of Virginia to run with him.    
Who wins? Well, I’d give the edge to Mr. Romney but it’s too early for that.
Yes, it’s a bit crazy but again: Did anyone see any of what happened in 2015 coming? 
Memo to the GOP: Don’t forget Hispanics. They are generally conservative and taken for granted by Democrats.
Memo to the Democrats: Connect with white male voters. You can’t be a national party without them!
Happy 2016. I hope that 2016 brings you the candidate that you are supporting. At the same time, don’t be surprised if 2016 proves all of us wrong or brings back the oldies.
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Happy New Year 2016 and a few other thoughts about today

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