Friday, August 01, 2014

Cuba, North Korea and Hamas?

Let’s add another one to President Obama’s plate. 
You always have to keep an eye on Cuba, specially when there are North Korean ships visiting the island. 
This is an ominous story over at Capitol HIll Cubans:
“Last year, the Cuban regime was caught red-handed smuggling 240 tons of weapons to North Korea. This constituted the largest amount of arms and related materiel interdicted to or from North Korea since the adoption of resolution 1718 (2006).
The interdicted shipment, aboard the Chong Chon Gangincludedsurface-to-air missile systems (that can take down planes), missile components, ammunition, radars and other miscellaneous arms-related materiel.
What if these missile systems had ended up in the hands of Hamas or Hezbollah?
Other Cuban weaponry may have, as there were at least seven otherNorth Korean vessels that made similarly elusive trips (as the Chong Chon Gang) to Cuban in the last few years.
Regardless, this is another reason why Cuban officials and entities responsible arms trafficking with North Korea must face consequences for their illegal actions.”
This is a very dangerous development and I hope that someone is keeping President Obama informed.  We don’t want to hear some day that he heard about it in news media reports.
More importantly, the idea of North Korean ships visiting Cuba and picking up weapons is further proof that no one is scared of the US, or the Obama administration.  I don’t believe that North Korea would be sending these ships if they feared some kind of retaliation from the US.
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