Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Finally, a museum for the victims of communism

They hope that it's ready for 2017, or the 100th anniversary of The Bolshevik Revolution that started communism.   This is from James Kirchick:
"The museum would include witness testimony, artifacts, and interactive exhibits registering the toll communism has wrought in some 40 countries throughout history.
Such an institution would join the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in teaching future generations about man’s capacity for inhumanity. "
Of course, no one needs to tell me about the evils of communism. It is something that I saw with my young eyes and heard from my parents' stories of how communism was imposed on the Cuban people. I also read of the gulags, the Cambodian Killing Fields and Mao’s famine.

To say the least, communism is responsible for 100 million deaths.  It means that communism is the deadliest ideology of the 20th century. Of course, the prisons are still locking up people in Cuba, North Korea and demonstrators are attacked by police in Venezuela.

The Cold War is over and communism does not represent a nuclear threat to the US anymore, i.e. the USSR is over. However, the ideas behind communism are still around and polluting young minds here, there and everywhere.  

It would be nice if every school kid in the US visited the "museum" once it opens in 2017. Like the Holocaust, communism was a deadly ideology for the people forced to lived under its thumb.

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