Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maybe things are finally looking a little bit better in Spain

(My new American Thinker post)

We've watched the terrible crisis in Spain for a few years, i.e. very high unemployment, troubled banks, negative growth, etc.   

It's not over yet but things may be turning around, according to The Economist:   

"Deep in the real economy, exciting things are happening.  
Car plants are humming, taking work from less competitive factories in Europe. Retail sales figures are improving elsewhere.  
Even consumer credit has crept up in recent months. Recession inflicted a brutal cull on businesses, but those still standing are more efficient and productive than ever.  
Exports, spurred by Spain's new competitiveness, should grow more than 5% both this year and next, doubling their pre-recession weight in the economy.  
With exports booming, the current account has swung into surplus.  
Recovery in the European Union, Spain's main export market, will help further. The stockmarket is soaring, with the Ibex-35 indicator gaining 11% in September.  
After a bruising 21 months in office, Mr Rajoy predicts economic happiness next year. His Popular Party (PP) has even seen a bounce in opinion polls."

My friend Jose M Guardia in Barcelona also sees better days ahead.  Jose blogs in Spanish and Engish.  He thinks that the worst is behind us and is cautiously optimistic of the near term.   At the same time, he warned us that will have to tolerate higher than usual unemployment or maybe the new "standard" in post crisis Spain and Europe.   

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The Cubs will win the World Series before Obama Care enrolls enough members

Reuters headline: "State Obamacare exchanges enroll 3 pct of target so far -report."

Frankly, I didn't believe the "3%" figure. I thought that it was a misprint.  I checked again to make sure that it was not 30%! 

What word is synonymous with "disaster" or "devastating"?  This is an embarrassment of such dimensions that heads should roll and quickly.  It's hard for me to believe that President Obama will keep the players that brought us up to this moment.

It is really 3% and that's your definition of a bad start:  

"The Wall Street Journal reports that only 40,000 to 50,000 have thus far signed up on the federal website. This brings the total number of enrollees (including the 12 states with working sites) to fewer than 100,000. The White House target for October alone was 500,000."

The scary part is that the uninsured are not showing up either, according to Gallup:  

"In the midst of widespread news coverage of problems with the federal health exchange website, relatively few uninsured Americans (18%) -- the primary target population for the exchanges -- have so far attempted to visit an exchange website. The percentage is slightly higher, 22%, among uninsured Americans who say they plan to get insurance through the exchanges."

The next scary episode around the corner is that the computer may not be ready at the end of the month, as projected.

It may be time for President Obama to take ObamaCare to the repair shop and put a new engine in this machine.   The good news is that it may run better with a new engine.  The bad news for President Obama is that the Democrats may come to love ObamaCare sitting in the repair shop permanently. 

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(BABALU) Venezuela: The land of “shortstops” & Miss Universe winners

(My new Babalu post)

As we've posted often in blog, Venezuela is an important neighbor in disarray. In other words, "the cubanization of Venezuela" is a sad thing to watch. It's really horrible for those of us who know where "cubanization" leads to!
Our friends in Venezuela take a break from their crazy politics and shortages of everything by talking about their incredible line of major league shortstops and young women who win beauty pageants.
They can't stop talking about Hall of Famer Luis Aparacio, "should be in the Hall of Fame" David Concepcion, the unbelievable Omar Vizquel, and now "the new kid up the middle" Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers. Who did I forget?
The men will talk to you about shortstops and the women treat the Miss Universe pageant like game 7 of the world Series. In other words,don't ask a young Venezuela woman for a date when The Miss Universe pageant is on.  She'd rather stay home and watch it.
"For the seventh time in Miss Universe history, Venezuela took the crown as 25-year-old Gabriela Isler was given the title of most beautiful woman in the universe in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall on Saturday night.
As the evening came to a close, the United States' Olivia Culpo relinquished the Miss Universe crown and placed it upon Miss Venezuela.
Isler, who was born in Maracay, is an accomplished flamenco dancer who also works on Venezuelan television."
Beautiful and dances flamenco?   "Que maravilla!"
Congratulations to Gabriela!
Frankly, it's nice to see Venezuelans smile and having a little fun. it's been "hell" down there for a long time!

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