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The media obsessed with Pres. Trump plus PM Trudeau & 2020 predictions & others

The media obsessed with Pres. Trump plus PM Trudeau & 2020 predictions & others 09/20 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The Ukraine story and President Trump........PM Trudeau and black face........Obama vs Trump approval at this point of their presidencies.........Happy # 85 Sophia Loren......Mantle # 536 in 1968...................and other to listen:

Friday’s video: President Trump and Iran.....

Friday’s video:
President Trump and to listen:

Even 12-year-olds want out of Venezuela

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A few years ago, a Cuban cyclist in the Pan American Games was competing and suddenly made a turn the other way.  What happened?  Did he get confused with the route?  No — he rushed to a foreign embassy and sought asylum.
And others have defected over the years, especially those in baseball, because they travel more often.
We learned that several Venezuelan players wanted to stay, too.  I mean 12-year old Little Leaguers:    
“When I arrived in the United States I was impressed,” said outfielder Eduar Pinto, 12, who enjoyed going out to eat and playing in the game room in the team’s dorm in Williamsport.
“When the time came to return, I didn’t want to come back. I wanted to stay there.”
The young boys did go back.  I’m sure that the adults supervising the young team made sure that everyone was in the plane to Maracaibo.
Nevertheless, the boys expressed some rather incredible statements about life in Venezuela today:    
“The ballplayers over there (in the U.S.) are fat, and they’re not tired,” Salcedo said, alluding to Venezuela’s growing problems stemming from malnutrition and hunger.
I guess that these young boys know what socialism really is.  Maybe they should chat with the young people who buy into the promises of Sanders and Warren.
As my late father used to say, the best way to understand socialism is to talk to someone who lives under socialism!
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