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Sunday's show: The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

Guest:  Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda........we will look back at the new White House book......the silly comments that Trump is crazy.........Iran protests...........North Korea ........Democrats and DACA...........and other stories.....

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Sunday's video: Why all the talk about the 25th Amendment?

The 25th Amendment is a very serious matter or an option in the real event that the President is is not about reversing elections....

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Another act of repression in Cuba and still nothing from Obama

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We were told three years ago that showering Cuba with U.S. tourists and business investments would eventually work in the interest of Cubans.
Well, it’s not working yet!  It’s the same old Cuba, according to The Washington Post:
IN HAVANA on Dec. 20, a group of artists and activists were preparing to perform a piece titled “Psychosis.” 
The plot revolves around a person enclosed in a very small space, showing signs of madness, who wants to leave. 
The play was inspired by events in 2010 at a psychiatric hospital in Havana, where 26 patients died of hunger and cold. 
The story is obviously a metaphor about the regime of Fidel and Raúl Castro, who have ruled the island for nearly six decades, intolerant of dissent and free speech. 
In the performance, there were to be allusions to Raúl Castro and terms such as “dictatorship.”
Predictably, before the performance, the authorities swooped in and made arrests. 
The director was detained temporarily, as well as the chief actor. 
Also arrested was activist Lia Villares.  When released Dec. 22, she said she had scratched a message on the prison cell walls: “Art Yes, Censorship No.  I am free.”  She was fined for defacing the walls. 
The authorities warned her sharply against any activity on behalf of Cuba Decide. 
The movement advocates a plebiscite for free elections and free speech in Cuba and is led by Rosa María Payá Acevedo, whose father, Oswaldo Payá, championed the Varela Project seeking these goals in earlier years. 
Clearly, the Castro regime does not like the idea that Cubans could “decide” anything about their own destiny.
No kidding!  Thousands have been executed, or still held in political prisons, for saying or wanting the same thing.
I am not blaming President Obama directly.  However, some should ask him about this – or maybe the same question to those who want to end the embargo.
The theory that “flooding Cuba with happy U.S. tourists” would change the island is not working.
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Bad weekend for my NFL predictions.

Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and other stories with Barry Jacobsen, historian

Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger..........we will discuss the national security challenges facing President Trump, from North Korea to Iran protests to other stories....

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A look at 2018 and the politics ahead with Barry Casselman, The Prairie Editor

Guest:  Barry Casselman, The Prairie Editor.........we will look at the state of US politics from 2017 and now into 2018............there are mixed signals about electoral "waves"........and then there is always North Korea, Iran and Pakistan...and other stories........

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President Trump: Some ideas for the 2nd state of the union speech

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Time flies or what?  President Trump will present his 2nd State of the Union speech in a few weeks.

Who remembers a State of the Union speech?  I've heard most of them since Nixon.  Like the World Series, they used to be in the afternoon but now it's a prime time speech.

What moments do I remember?  

I remember President Ford saying that the "state of the union is not good" in the middle of the '75 recession. 

I recall President Reagan carrying a stack of papers and dumping them on the table.  Pres. Reagan was complaining about amendments and resolutions. 

President Clinton's speeches were too long, despite the fact that they were brilliantly delivered.  President GW Bush had the great "axis of evil" line in '03.

Overall, the state of the union speech is unimportant. However, it does set the tone for the partisans.  In '81, President Reagan used the speech to launch his tax cuts and enjoyed high polls until the recession hit us in '82.

Perhaps the strangest moment was President Clinton delivering a speech in the middle of the Senate impeachment trial.

So let me suggest the following ideas to President Trump. Stick to a couple of things and fight for them.

On the domestic side, the US economy is doing fine. Go to the next level of calling for health care reform.

On education, go for school choice. US public schools are failing inner city kids. Give the parents a voucher and let them choose a school.

By the way, school choice and traditional marriage are issues that will connect with blacks and Hispanics.

On foreign policy, continue to talk about "the killers" a.k.a. terrorists. We are in a war with evil people and they must destroyed or they will destroy us.

On Iran, support the protests.

On the Middle East, the US will not support a nuclear Iran or anyone who threatens Israel.   Make it clear that the military option is on the table but the US prefers a diplomatic resolution.

Be simple, clear and forceful.    Frankly, no one remembers these speeches a week after delivery. 

A post from January 2006: Running against President Bush TV in Canada

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A post from January 2006:

Last night, I saw a sample of the latest Liberal TV ad. It makes the case that Mr. Harper would be good for the US or specifically President Bush.

At the same time, the liberals argue that they have been good for the economy.

It is true that Canada enjoys a good economy. Why is that? Because the US economy is doing very well. Canada is totally dependent on the US economy. Most Canadians make a living selling to or making something for the US.

You cannot say that Bush has been bad for Canada. Instead, the Bush economy has been great for Canada: low unemployment, high productivity, lots of outsourcing to Canada, low inflation, etc.

The liberals won't be happy with the latest poll.

Captain's Quarters is a blog that has been following the Canada election. Their latest report shows a growing conservative lead:

"The Conservative Party will come within a few seats of winning a majority government, if current levels of voter support hold up...."
PM Martin is finished. It's a shame that he is leaving by playing the anti-US card.

AMLO and Mexico's election

Joy Behar calling someone crazy?

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Did I just hear Joy Behar say that Trump needs to be medicated?  demented Trump?  I guess that anyone can call anybody anything these days........ 

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