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Pope Francis: We have a big problem

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As a cradle Catholic, I am furious with some of the leaders of our church. 
I love the Catholic faith.  I am a believer, as they say.
My church stands for life, family, and traditional marriage.  We help the poor every day.  We do wonderful things that make me proud of our parishes.  
I remember my father’s cousin, who spent 14 years in a Cuban political prison, share stories of priests who traded places with others so that a married man with a family would not be executed.  Many priests stood up to communism in Cuba and some were thrown in jail or executed.
Once again, we are talking about men who abused children rather than the aforementioned heroes or deeds.
How was this behavior allowed to happen?  The answer is “the cover-up” — how men in our church said nothing.  
Shame on the men who remained quiet concerning this barbaric treatment of children.  We put these children in the hands of priests, and they do this?   
Subsequently, Pope Francis must make this an urgent priority and let “the law”, not the Vatican, deal with these men.  They are criminals and child abusers.  They deserve to be punished by the state.
A few years ago, many of my friends left the Catholic Church because of the cover-up.  My guess is that more will leave now.
So we pray that Pope Francis understands how serious this problem is.
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A little Mueller fatigue?

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What happens when your year long investigation only indicts Russians?  

Or when Deputy AG Rosenstein keeps telling us that there is no evidence of vote changes or Americans being involved?

I guess that people get tired and call for a quick resolution.......or a bit of Mueller fatigue:  
"Now here’s CNN’s data appearing to show that voters are receptive to that message. 
And not a slim majority of voters either. 
Fully 66 percent want the probe wrapped before the election. If it isn’t — and it almost certainly won’t be — then Mueller’s support is bound to take a hit. 
The public is moving in Trump’s direction."
Mueller's chief problem is that the media, and President Trump's critics, created too many expectations about this investigation.  In other words, too many articles based on anonymous sources that have not turned out to be true.

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Making the names of jurors public? This is insane, if true

Making the names of jurors public?  This is insane, if true.  Apparently, some media sources what the Manafort trial judge to release the names of the jurors.  
Of course, a juror can go public if he or she wants to.  However, it'd be a mistake to disclose names without their consent.  We will have a hard time getting anyone to serve in a jury if that happens.
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Trump and African American support....

And then we see this:  "Trump at 36 percent approval among African-Americans, new poll finds..."

Honestly, 36% sounds a bit high.  However, it'd be fantastic if the number was 25%.   My guess is that this is related to the US economy.

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October 2007: The facts are not with Gore on global warming!

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A post from October 2007:

We need a rational discussion on global warming. We need science not more political talking points.

On this score, Al Gore is a failure. He fails with the facts.

In Gore Wins, Facts Lose, Tony Blankley destroys the movie and Gore's presentation:
"Until then, take comfort in knowing that Al Gore's warning about the shrinking population of polar bears is also wrong; their population is rising.

The award Gore truly deserves (and the one for which I hereby nominate him is): Best Scary Campfire Storyteller. (He should beat out the hook on the car window story handily.)"
We need a rational discussion of global warming. Al Gore is contributing to global warming with a lot of hot air!

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October 2007 show: Some thoughts on Vicente Fox, Joe Torre and the Cowboys!

The Cowboys are 5-0 and headed to another Super Bowl? Not quite but it is a lot of fun to watch Tony Romo lead the team.

The Yankees are out in the first round of the playoffs for the 3rd year in a row. What about Joe Torre? Will he last?

We also discussed Vicente Fox's round of appearances on US TV, specially on The O'Reilly Factor.

September 2007 show: A little bit of everything!

On Friday's show, we reviewed the Democrats' new position on the Iraq War. 

Poll readers, poll readers! Click here for the show!

September 2007: 2nd graders do not need to hear about homosexuality

A post from September 2007:

During the debate last night. the Democrats were in top pandering form:
"“Obviously, it is better to try to … help your children understand the many differences that are in the world. … And that goes far beyond sexual orientation. So I think that this issue of gays and lesbians and their rights will remain an important one in our country.” (Democratic Candidates Say They're OK With Second-Grade Teacher Reading Gay Prince Fairy Tale )
Is this insane or what?

2nd grade children should not be hearing about Tom and Tom, the gay prince or Lesbian Cinderella. Wonder how this is going to play with the mom and dad vote?

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October 2007 show: A chat with Captain Ed

Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters, a very popular blog, joined us.

We regret that there was about a minute of dead air due to technical problems. Wait through a minute of dead air and the show will start! Sorry about that!

October 2007: Osama is losing and he knows it!

A post from October 2007:

In a previous post, I wrote of the collapse of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Today, we get more confirmation from OBL himself:
"Osama has lost the thread in Iraq, and thanks to the lunacy of his followers, will find it very difficult to build his credibility there again. He's losing, and he knows it, and this tape confirms that he realizes what that means for the overall war on terror." (Imperialist Osama, Losing The War)
The surge, and Gen. Petraeus strategy, was the last nail on Al Qaeda's coffin.

We are winning and Obama is losing.

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