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Sunday's show: The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

Guest:  Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.......another week of more "chaos" of a trade war and labor unions praising a GOP president.......Russia talking nukes.........Democrat Mayor of Oakland and ICE........Lincoln 1861.....FDR 1933...........and other stories...

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Sunday's video: We remember March 4th in US history

What if President Bush had not invaded Iraq?

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In a few weeks, we will remember the 15th anniversary of the Iraq War.  President Bush made a tough call, and I’m still supporting it years later.
Close your eyes and imagine Saddam Hussein running Iraq.
Over there, Saddam would be trying to compete with Iran for nuclear weapons.  Libya would still have them.
Israel would have probably gone to war with Iran or Iraq by now.
Oil would be $100 a barrel, at least. 
Over here, John Kerry would be giving speeches that Pres. Bush left a madman in power.  He’d tell us about his vote to remove Saddam Hussein.
Hillary Clinton would remind us that her husband’s administration said Iraq had WMDs and connections to al-Qaeda.
Al Gore would argue that 9-11 changed everything and that the U.S. looks weak playing cat and mouse with Iraq.
I’m sure that a few other Democrats would tell us about their opposition to Saddam Hussein.
It was 15 years ago, and President Bush was right.  All you have to do is look at North Korea.  The lesson of North Korea is that you cannot allow these regimes to go nuclear.  You cannot give them the benefit of the doubt because they have no intention of complying with any agreements.
Saddam won’t be conducting any nuclear tests.  He is dead and gone. 
Better than that, we don’t have to hear John Kerry say the Bush administration passed up an opportunity to take out Saddam before he conducted a nuclear test.
Last, but not least, we salute all of the men and women who served in Iraq.  We also remember the ones killed and their wonderful families.
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Al Reda: What a car salesman

The Democrats deserve an electoral butt kick of historic proportions

"A child of the revolution" by Luis M Garcia

October 2006: What's going on in North Korea?

October 2006 and we were talking about the US-Mexico border

This is a post from October 2006

Has the Mexican government lost control of the northern border? See Border Turning Into a War Zone:
"The breakdown in law and order in Mexican border towns is creating a warlike atmosphere, as gunmen openly move about, and open fire in the streets. Some border governors are demanding help from the army, to man checkpoints and help control the movements of heavily armed groups of drug gang members. The army already supplies troops to accompany federal agents making arrests or conducting raids."
Unfortunately, the border violence spills over to Texas, New Mexico and California.

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