Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Cornyn race for the US Senate and other stories with George Rodriguez

The Cornyn race for the US Senate and other stories with George Rodriguez 08/11 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative......The Cornyn race for the US Senate.....Trump executive orders....Violence in the cities and more stories....click to listen:

Tuesday’s video: The Democrats are losing many of our cities to criminals

Mayor Lightfoot they are not afraid of you!

Chicago looting and demonstrations: Miracle Mile struck by violence
The chaos in Chicago had a different look this morning.  It was no longer one gang targetting another and killing a helpless child playing on the front yard.  Instead, They hit “the nice part of town” as a friend in the Windy City called it.  
This is a report about the events of Sunday night:   
“Car caravans” of looters made their way into Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Gold Coast, and Irving North neighborhoods and neighboring commercial districts overnight, which officials believe was spurred by a police-involved shooting in Englewood earlier in the day.
At the scene of the South Side shooting, “tempers flared fueled by misinformation as the afternoon turned into the evening,” said Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown.
So they got the wrong news story and decided to throw bricks at the store windows?  Can we get our hands on the guy who “tweeted” the wrong report that ignited this?
There are two problems in Chicago, Portland, and all of the other cities run by Democrats.
First, the criminals do not respect or fear “leaders” like Mayor Lori Lightfoot.  They are not afraid of consequences.  They know that one way or another the judge will put them back on the streets.
Second, the police are not allowed to do their job.  In fact, 13 police officers were hurt in this Chicago incident.  How is this allowed to happen?  How do you put police officers in harm’s way and not protect them?  
All of this is not happening in a vacuum.  According to Rasmussen, 66% believe Trump identifies more with the police in violent protests situations.   On the other hand, 60% believe most national Democratic leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi identify more with the protesters.
Once upon a time, such a poll would destroy a political party.  Let’s hope that’s still the case in November.
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