Monday, September 19, 2022

Monday's podcast: The week in review with Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda

Guest:   Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda.......DeSantis vs Newsom......Buses and planes take migrants to blue cities......Bill Maher on woke history....and other stories......

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Monday's video: The Queen's funeral plus Biden & Trump interviews

Monday's video: 
The Queen's funeral plus Biden & Trump interviews......

The Queen's funeral was full of pageantry and tradition.....President Biden on "60 minutes".....President Trump with Hugh Hewitt.......Mexico City earthquake 1985....and other stories...

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Call China if you are serious about climate change

  (My new American Thinker post)

It's been a "Twilight Zone" of a political week, from James Taylor singing "Fire and Rain" to cheer the Inflation Reduction Act to our Beto O'Rourke in New York looking for money to the Democrats in full "Daydream Believer" mode to pursue their climate change agenda.    

It's hard to take these folks seriously.  James Taylor's song was about anguish, as I recall -- exactly how the stock market felt that day.  Beto keeps trailing in the polls so maybe he was looking for a job at MSNBC conveniently headquartered there.  And who can follow them on climate change anymore?  I believe that there is climate change but these "climatistas" are their own worst enemies. This is a reminder of their delusions from Rupert Darwall:   

Democrats are in the grip of an irrational ideology that prevents them from seeing the world as it is. They cannot bring themselves to recognize that three decades of UN climate talks have failed. The growth of non-Western emissions means the UNFCCC’s objective of stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions is no nearer being attained than it was three decades ago.

If Democrats were serious about climate, they would push for a fresh approach. Instead, they pass climate legislation that does nothing for the climate but inflicts immense harm on the economy and America’s strategic position in an increasingly perilous world. What did Albert Einstein say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Thank you Mr. Darwall.  Thank you for pointing out in exquisite detail that the culprit here is China, not Texas or Alaska:  

Among non-Western nations, China’s carbon dioxide emissions tripled, and its share of global emissions rose from 12 percent in 1992 to 31 percent in 2020. The math is inescapable: what America and the West do is of diminishing relevance to global emissions and therefore to future global temperatures. 

Yes, we can all mortgage our futures by buying an electric cars or buy a big fan to cool our homes with some type of wind energy and it means nothing.  We are not the problem in the U.S.  The problem is over in China.

So maybe we should pass a climate change bill saying that the U.S. will do nothing until the Chinese do something.  Maybe the President can sign it in front of the Chinese Embassy and drop off a Chinese translation at the gate.

Of course, maybe all of this stuff about climate change has more to do with hating capitalism.  After all, Earth Day was conveniently celebrated on Lenin's birthday in 1970 and China, the communist superpower, gets a free pass from the environmentalists.  I smell a  rat.  Maybe I should check the calendar and see if this is the year of the rat over in China.

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