Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dear Democrats: What did you do about immigration?

Like a brand new alarm clock, the Democrats are unleashing their attacks on the hour!   
The latest is from Sarah Saldaña, who just left the Obama administration as Director for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.    
This is what she told the Dallas Morning News:    
Saldaña, an Obama appointee who was the head of ICE for two years, said she has been surprised by the scope of Trump’s executive orders dealing with immigration. 
But she says money and litigation will create big obstacles for Trump as he tries to fully implement his policies. 
She suggested the executive orders will soak up far more than Congress is ready to spend, noting that Congress wasn’t willing to spend more during her tenure despite her testimony on Capitol Hill.
“We don’t have billions sitting around,” Saldaña said.
“My budget while at ICE was almost $6 billion and we were stretching to do the things we were doing that are much more narrowly focused than this administration proposes. So if you expand the mission, you will have to expand the budget.”
It’s amazing what Democrats will say to make excuses for their failure to fix the immigration mess.
President Obama had huge majorities in the House and one in the U.S. Senate for six years. What did he do fix any of this? He gave a few “si se puede” speeches at Cinco de Mayo celebrations! He tried to use an executive order to legalize five million people! He declared war on Arizona and did nothing about sanctuary cities.
Did he ever say that a sovereign country has the right to protect its borders? He did in 2005 and then forgot about it when he was pandering for votes!
Ms. Saldana is correct that we could use a little bit more money. However, many of us would rather see more enforcement of laws already on the books, such as going after employers who hire people without papers.
My guess is that President Trump will focus on two things: the border wall and sanctuary cities. I don’t think that he will spend a lot of time deporting the 10-12 million people who are here. Eventually, some will be conditionally legalized and many will self-deport.
In the meantime, get ready for a lot of Democrats to scare people with claims that President Trump is knocking on your door. They did nothing about it when they had the votes and will do a lot of screaming now that they don’t!
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