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Warren out plus Schumer vs Supreme Court and Texas primary thoughts

Warren out plus Schumer vs Supreme Court and Texas primary thoughts 03/05 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Senator Warren drops out but why now? Minority Leader Schumer attacks Supreme Court over abortion.....Texas primary and President Trump....Churchill and the Iron Curtain speech 1946......Andy Gibb 1958-88....Patsy Cline 1963.....other stories.................

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Thursday’s video: The Democrats and abortion....

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Thursday’s video:
The Democrats and abortion....
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Joe Biden and Texas

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Two weeks ago, I voted early, as I usually do.  It was a bit weird because there were no contested elections on the ballot and many unopposed candidates.
On election night, I was surprised that former VP Joe Biden beat Bernie Sanders.  Why?  Because all of the polls had Sanders leading and the Biden team had stopped campaigning down here.
So what happened?  My good guess is that the people who voted on election day went for Biden.  
Beyond that, I found this very interesting:
1) President Trump got 1.9 million votes in a totally uncontested race.  The Democrats had a very intense primary and did not beat Trump’s totals;
2) On the U.S. Senate race, Senator John Cornyn had 1.5 million votes.  In contrast, the much-publicized Democrat contest had seven candidates and about the same number of votes as Cornyn.
What does this tell me? We have a lot of enthusiasm on our side.  
By the way, many of my friends did not show up for the primary vote but will in November.
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1966: Marvin Miller and the players' union

(Marvin Miller with Joe Niekro and Nolan Ryan many years ago)

Marvin Miller was named executive director of MLB Players Association on this day in 1966.    He became one of the most important labor union leaders ever and a very consequential advocate for the baseball players.   

Miller died in November 2012.  

Looking back at the last 40-something years of "free agency", some of the salaries are indeed ridiculous and small market teams were impacted.  

However, Mr. Miller did not force any team to offer anyone a salary.  "Free agency" only gave the players the opportunity to negotiate.  It did not force any owner to offer any amount or terms.  

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