Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Wednesday's podcast: Hispanics and the economy, AG Garland & more

Wednesday's podcast: 

Hispanics and the economy, AG Garland & more.....

Wednesday's video: Hispanics and the economy., AG Garland & more

Wednesday's video: 

Goodbye, George, you gotta go, me oh my oh


(My new American Thinker post)

To paraphrase Hank Williams. George you gotta go because New York is short of money and full of idiocy.  Let me explain:

New York’s City Council -- which just passed a budget that’s already been deemed a flop -- is now spending some of its time advancing a plan that could kill off monuments honoring figures such as George Washington.

The Democratic-led council’s Cultural Affairs Committee is set to hold a public hearing Tuesday on a proposal to yank artworks from city property dedicated to historical figures such as George Washington, Peter Stuyvesant, and Christopher Columbus because of their controversial pasts.

Son of a gun, as Hank would say, there are some crazy people running the Big Apple.

The initial response was as expected.  The leftists promoting these ideas are talking about the controversial pasts of men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  I guess that they are talking about their slave-owning past, and probably other things as well. On the other hand, the other side is telling the city council to pass a budget and call on the Biden administration to resolve the border issue that brought so many "visitors" to what they once promoted as a "sanctuary city" open to all.

The larger point is what's happened to these cities now run exclusively by Democrats.  The crime is out of control, the consequences of fatherlessness are everywhere, the police shortages are forcing the men in blue to work extra time, and Mayor Eric Adams is as helpless as the Yankee bullpen.

Once upon a time, and it was not that long ago, a suggestion to bring down a George Washington monument would have been labeled as crazy or maybe lunatic or maybe, as my late mother used to say, a good reason to send a lefty to Cuba to see how nice the Reds live.

We live in a different country.  Son of a gun we sure do.   

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Happy # 89 Sophia Loren


Let me say Happy birthday to Sophia Loren.    She was born in Rome on this day in 1934 and looks great in her later years.  Her movies with Marcello Mastrionni were absolute classics.   They had great chemistry on screen!  Overall, one of the most beautiful women of the 20th century!   

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