Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wednesday's show: New Hampshire results and what's next plus President Lincoln 1809

New Hampshire results and what's next plus President Lincoln 1809 02/12 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

New Hampshire results.....Bernie & Pete and Amy....Warren is out and Biden will probably stick around until South Carolina......President Lincoln 1809.................other to listen:

Wednesday’s video: Bernie, Pete & Amy...

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Wednesday’s video:
Bernie, Pete & Amy.....
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1990: Mandela’s release

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It was 30 years ago this week that Nelson Mandela was released from prison.   I remember the news story quite well.   
As expected, there were lots of good vibrations that day.    
Remember the live coverage of Mandela walking out of prison? 
Within a short time, I began to have serious doubts about Nelson Mandela.  His hugs of Fidel Castro and his sympathies for leftists turned me off.   
Was Mandela naive or another communist hiding behind the curtains of social justice? 
30 years later, Mandela is dead and South Africa is a country going downhill.   
Today, the news out of that country is all bad, from land expropriations to leftist policies destroying the economy. 
As for Mandela’s legacy, he will be remembered as the darling of the international left but not much more.   
Mandela did not speak up when his followers destroyed the country to correct “injustices” from the past.   
Many of those farmers targeted left the country for fear of their lives.  Unfortunately, their talents have moved elsewhere and not compensated for their lands. 
Tragically, it reminds me of Cuba or today’s Venezuela. 
Yes, we will see lots of stories about the great Mandela.  Yet, his release turned out to be a big zero, or gigantic missed opportunity for South Africa. 
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The Bill of Rights vs The Bill of Entitlements

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Wonder what The Founding Rights would think of what we think of The Bill of Rights?

My guess is that they wouldn't be very happy specially since so many of us have come to see a government as a provider of "goods" rather than protecting our rights from ever expanding government.

Jim Yardley discusses the current state of things in his article: A Second Bill of Rights, or just another Bill of Goods?. 

For example, we hear that everyone should have "a living wage" or 'decent housing" or a "fair shot".  

What do these slogans mean?  No one really knows but they are very effective campaign talking points.

Why do they cost?  We don't know since they tell us that the rich should pay for it.

Do they have anything to do with living in freedom?  I don't think so since our Founding Fathers saw freedom a little differently than we do today.

Do we want a government to protect and defend our rights OR do we want a government to take care of us, from cradle to grave?  
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