Friday, February 23, 2024

Saving democracy by going around the courts

Saving democracy by going around the courts: By now you know that the Democrats' message in 2024 is that Trump is a wanna-be dictator. Yes, The Orange Man is out to destroy everything and end democracy as we've known it. It's enough to scare the you know what out of you. 

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Happy # 83 Ron Hunt

We remember Ronald Kenneth Hunt who was born in St. Louis on this day in 1941.

Ron Hunt broke in with the Mets in 1963.  He hit .272 with 10 HR and was # 2 in the Rookie of the Year vote behind Pete Rose.  He also hit .303 in 1965 and .288 in 1966.  However, nobody remembers him for that or his .273 average or 1,479 hits over 12 seasons.  

We remember Ron Hunt because he got hit by a pitch 243 times.   in 1971, he got hit 50 times with Montreal.    The next two guys on that list are Don Baylor (35) and Craig Biggio (34).

As a consequence, Hunt retired with a .368 on-base-pct.   

How did he do it?   I don't know but he was very effective when you really needed a runner on base.

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