Monday, July 03, 2017

2006: Memories of The Rolling Stones at the Super Bowl

The Rolling Stones were great at the 2006 Super Bowl:    
The band’s three-song set offered a brief survey of their illustrious career, offering the early single “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and the mid-period hit “Start Me Up” as well as “Rough Justice,” a single from their then-current release, A Bigger Bang. 
In fact, the Stones were already big rockers before anyone had even thought of having a Super Bowl.    They had several gold records before the merger or when we called it the NFL or AFL title game.

The Trump vs media battle, Obama speaking, Obama Care and Gettysburg 1863

We will look at the controversies created by President Trump's tweets and the silly reaction from many media corners.........President Obama is back with more 'hope and change' speeches directed at anti-US audiences around the world......the GOP should repeal Obama Care effective in 2 years and send the whole health care issue back to the states...........we remember the battle of Gettysburg this week in 1863......and other stories....

Click to  listen:

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