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Wednesday's show: 2018 and the politics of Washington with Barry Casselman, The Prairie Editor

Guest:  Barry Casselman, The Prairie Editor.........we will look at the state of US politics, from the 2018 midterm speculation to poisonous atmosphere in Washington..............and other stories...

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Wednesday's video: A word about the Illinois primary

Tuberculosis and Venezuela

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It’s one thing after another, as a Venezuelan friend told me a few days ago.  The latest bad news in Venezuela is tuberculosis, as we see in this report:
Tuberculosis, a disease that until recently seemed to be under control in Venezuela, is making an aggressive comeback, overwhelming a broken health care system ill equipped for its return, doctors and infectious disease specialists say.
The illness – like malaria, diphtheria and measles – has surged in Venezuela during a profound economic crisis that has battered almost every aspect of life and driven an exodus of Venezuelans, including many experienced doctors.
Though normally associated with the very poor, tuberculosis has begun to stalk a broader population of Venezuelans, including the middle class.
Declining nutrition from food shortages and rising stress throughout the country may be weakening immune systems, doctors say, leaving people more susceptible to illness.
Shocking, is all I can say.  Where are Sean Penn and the Hollywood lefties who embraced Hugo Chávez?
Beyond that, there are a couple of serious issues to consider:
1. People escaping Venezuela on a daily basis.  They cross into Colombia.  What happens when these people have contact with others?
2. There are many Venezuelans who have come to the U.S. recently.  They often go back and forth, as any traveler flying through Miami can tell you.
How much longer can this madness go on?  I don’t know, and most Venezuelans are down to just saying “Dios mío” – my God!
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J B Pritzker is probably the next governor of Illinois

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Illinois primary update:  J B Pritzker won the Democrat primary.....very likely the next governor because of a very weak GOP incumbent who gave in rather than fight the irresponsible legislature.  Pritzer ran an anti-Trump resistance campaign or just a lot of "red meat" to get the vote out.   He will find out within seconds of assuming office next year that President Trump will be the last thing to worry about......the state's finances are a disaster a total disaster!

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Makes a lot of sense to me!

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Makes a lot of sense to me:   
"More California cities may consider defying the state’s “sanctuary state” laws, after the city council of Los Alamitos passed an ordinance defying the state’s controversial new legislation preventing cooperation with federal immigration authorities."
It's insane to say that citizens have to respect every federal law except immigration laws.    Glad to see that cities are doing what California's Democrats refused to do.  

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Update on the 2018 Generic Congressional Vote

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