Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Sen McConnell has the votes plus more talk of impeachment & Trump with Limbaugh

Sen McConnell has the votes plus more talk of impeachment & Trump with Limbaugh 01/07 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Majority Leader McConnell reports to have the votes to go forward with a trial without witnesses........some Democrats want to keep on impeaching after the Iran military action......President Trump on Limbaugh radio show.....US recognized Cuban government 1959.....other stories..................click to listen:

Tuesday’s video: President Trump on the Limbaugh radio show......

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Tuesday’s video: 
 President Trump on the Limbaugh radio show.......
click to watch:

And now it’s the War Powers Act!

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The clown show over at Nancy’s House keeps puttering along.  The latest involves the 1973 War Powers Act. 
This is from Fox News reports:  
The first War Powers Resolution was passed in 1973 in an effort to prevent presidents from using the military without congressional approval. Since then, questions of presidential compliance have become common, with controversy stemming from President Bill Clinton’s actions in Kosovo and President Barack Obama’s operations in Libya.On Saturday, the White House sent Congress formal notification of the drone strike under the War Powers Act, a senior administration official told The Associated Press. The notification, required by law within 48 hours of the introduction of American forces into an armed conflict or a situation that could lead to war, had to be signed and sent to Congress.
Maybe that’s the next article of impeachment?  Another “abuse of power”?  Or even better, another “obstruction of Congress”?
To be fair, I’m not a fan of presidents getting us into wars without a congressional vote, i.e. Korea, or the skinnyTonkin Gulf Resolution on Vietnam. I prefer what Bush 41 and Bush 43 did by putting the Congress on record.
Congress should be involved.  However, this is not about the U.S. Constitution, but just another excuse to attack President Trump.
Nancy’s clown show is getting really boring!
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