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‘Blues vs reds’ when it comes to parents

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We are a divided country.  Nothing shows our divisions more than our attitudes on parental rights.   

I found this editorial at the WashingtonExaminer interesting. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this February released its Youth Risk Behavior Survey, covering the years 2011-2021. The data were alarming. Almost 3 of every 5 teenage girls reported feeling persistently sad or hopeless in 2021, and nearly a third of them said they had considered suicide, up 60% from a decade ago…

The two main political parties have vastly different diagnoses of the problem…  

For Democrats, the cause of this mental health crisis is conservatives' failure to accept nonconventional gender identities among the younger generation…

Democrats increasingly want to tackle the problem by empowering professional caregivers to take this growing young population away from their parents and give them the healthcare treatment they think best…  

Democrats are thus clear about the source of the problem and the solution. They say the problem is the family. They want mental health professionals, using state power, to do things to minor children that their parents would not approve of. Their solution is to save your children from... you.

Republicans have a different diagnosis and a different solution. Republican-controlled states such as Utah and Texas recognize that the use of social media on mobile devices has exploded at exactly the same time that depression has been rising, especially among girls…

In response, Republican state governments are empowering parents over the objections of Big Tech corporations…

The contrast between blue and red states on rising youth mental health problems could not be clearer. Blue states' solutions move to weaken family ties and empower government. Red states are moving to weaken corporations and empower families.

Last, but not least, states with school choice will have another reason to attract families to their zip codes.  The more traditional the family, the more likely that you will look for an environment that is parent friendly rather than wants bureaucrats to raise your children.

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Happy # 76 Tommy James

We say happy birthday to Tommy James who was born in Ohio on this day in 1947.

In the 1960's, Tommy James & The Shondells had a ton of hits, from "Hanky Panky" to "Crimson and clover", both reached # 1 in the US.    

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Happy # 89 Luis Aparicio

We say happy birthday to Luis Aparicio who was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, on this day in 1934.

Luis broke with the Chicago White Sox in 1956 and was Rookie of the Year:  .266 and led the AL with 21 stolen bases.

He also played with the Orioles, back to Chicago and finished with Boston:   .262 batting average, 506 stolen bases, 2,677 hits in 2,599 games.

Aparicio was inducted to The Hall of Fame in 1984.

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2010: Happy anniversary Prince William & Kate

Happy anniversary to Prince William and Kate.  

Back in 2010, we hoped that their wedding would serve as a revival of marriage in Europe.    Today, we hope that their beautiful kids put having babies on the European "to do list".

Unfortunately, Europe is a very different continent than the one that saw Diana and Prince Charles get married in back in 1981.

First, "birth rates" are insufficient to maintain population: The EU's baby blues---Birth rates in the European Union are falling fast.

Why do "having babies" matter?  Babies are the future!  You can't maintain your population, and culture, without babies carrying your name, traditions and identity.

Second, marriage is also undergoing a huge crisis across the ocean: 
"Marriage is in decline across much of northern Europe, from Scandinavia to France, a pattern some sociologists describe as a "soft revolution" in European society -- a generational shift away from Old World traditions and institutions toward a greater emphasis on personal independence." (Washington Post)
Why does marriage matter?  It is the central institution in a society.  It is the foundation of the family unit.

Third, the churches are empty:  Religion takes a back seat in Western Europe.

It's sad to see how Europe has changed.

Let's hope that the royal couple puts marriage and babies back in style!

The Europeans need to rediscover religion, get married and have babies or we won't recognize the land of our grandparents.

About 10 years ago, George Weigel wrote about Europe and its demographic problems.

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A word about April 29

April 29. Vector flat daily calendar icon. Date and time, day ...

We remember Duke Ellington who was born in Washington DC on this day in 1899.    He died in 1974.   Duke was a jazz giant.   However, I first heard of him many years ago when my father used to listen to The Voice of America in Cuba.  Duke’s “Take the A train” was the intro-music for Willis Conover’s jazz show broadcast to the world on short wave.  

We say happy # 89 to Luis Aparicio who was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, on this day in 1934.  Aparicio was inducted to The Hall of Fame in 1984.

Aretha Franklin's "Respect" was released on this day in 1967 and hit # 1 by mid-June. The story of "Respect" is rather interesting.  It was ranked # 5 in Rolling Stone's Top 500 all time songs.

We remember "Hair", the musical that opened in Broadway on this day in 1968.     The music was good but everything else did not matter to me.

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2013 podcast: "Cuba at 60" with Dr. Carlos Eire

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Cuba at 60 with Dr. Carlos Eire 01/02 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics Podcasts:

Guest: Dr. Carlos Eire, author of 'Waiting for snow in Havana' and other books.........we will discuss the 60th anniversary of the Castro regime in Cuba......and other stories.............

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