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Texas abortion law back to Texas plus cleaning up after Biden

Texas abortion law back to Texas plus cleaning up after Biden 01/21 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Texas abortion law back to Texas....Abbott vs O'Rourke getting started.......NPR and the Supreme Court story.....Poor Psaki cleaning up after Biden......Johnny Oates (1946-2014).....and other to listen:

The Supreme Court sent the abortion law back to Texas

The Supreme Court sent the abortion law back to Texas......

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Too early, too long and many topics forgotten


(My new American Thinker post)

Did you miss President Biden's press conference?  Well, it was too early (3 p.m. Texas), too long and frankly a lot of topics overlooked.   And, last but not least, we saw President Biden trying to sell us something that no one wants to buy.     

There were many reactions in the media to the press conference.  This was my favorite from Phillip Wegmann:     

President Biden, frustrated but defiant in the face of layered domestic and international crises, held forth for nearly two hours Wednesday in just his second solo press conference at the White House, breaking historic records while blaming Republicans and defending the results of his first 12 months in the Oval Office.

There was bravado. Biden insisted his accomplishments were “bigger than any president has ever gotten in the first year.” Unabashed audacity too: “I make no apologies for what I did,” he said about how the war in Afghanistan was ended. And, at times, confusion: One minute, he rejected the suggestion that he needed to be “more realistic” about passing his legislative agenda; the next, he conceded his Build Back Better spending plan would likely need to be broken into “big chunks.”     

At times, it seemed like the president was shooting from the hip on a range of issues, calling into question the legitimacy of the 2022 midterms 10 months prior to the election and seemingly offering tacit approval of a “minor incursion” into Ukraine by Russia. It was the kind of unfiltered free-for-all that the press corps craves and the kind of stuff they hadn’t gotten since the previous president (reluctantly) left office.

Yes, Mr. Wegmann.  He did seem like he was shooting from the hip and jumping around a lot.  I thought that the remarks about Ukraine were amazingly stupid.  The talk about "voting rights" silly because he knew two weeks ago that it was not going to pass.  After all, smart executives regroup and try a different path.  They don't stick to the failed approach and then call you a pal of Jefferson Davis.

There were two more problems with this press conference.

First, no one watches television at 3 p.m. in Texas.  Furthermore, the people interested in politics at that time are listening to conservative talk radio.  Why at that time?  It's obvious to the naked eye that the Biden team does want him in front of many people.

Second, why didn't the press ask questions about city violence, the border, unvaccinated people crossing the border, etc.  

What happens now?   He will not go up in the polls.  Mission unaccomplished if the idea of this press conference was to turn things around.

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