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Nixon in China 1972 plus President's Day

Nixon in China 1972 plus President's Day 02/21 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

We remember President Nixon in China on this day in 1972.....or 50 years ago President's Day over the to listen:

Monday's video: Nixon in China 1972 plus President's Day

Monday's video:    Nixon in China 1972 plus President's Day.............

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Remember the one about ‘you ain't black’

 (My new American Thinker post)

It was one of the few times that then-candidate Joe Biden got out of the basement during the campaign.  He said to Charlamagne tha God during a radio interview:  'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black'.  Maybe Charlamagne should revisit that comment because it has not worked so well for black Americans.  Calling on Charlamagne for a follow up question.

The Biden economy is turning out to be a disaster for many of the people who voted for him, especially black Americans.  This is from the New York Post:    

February’s jobs report showed that US black unemployment, at 6.9%, is significantly higher than the overall 4% rate. Some areas are as bad as New York: In late 2021, black unemployment in Washington, DC stood at 15.4% vs. 8.1% overall. In Illinois, it was 13.3% vs. 7.4%. In California, 12% vs 7.2%.

Part of the issue: Blacks tend to be overrepresented in “frontline” industries (i.e., where work has to be in-person), and their wages tend to be lower. So blue-state policies that punish retail businesses and keep kids at home are going to do blacks disproportionate harm. NYC, for example, faces a 400,000-plus job deficit post-pandemic, with some 82% of those in face-to-face industries. 

Another cause: Bidenomics, the big-spending, inflation-driving disaster of an economic policy that the White House has been all-in on since the inauguration. 

Yes, it's been a disaster, as it always is when inflation hits any community.

The Biden administration believes that promising to fill a Supreme Court vacancy with a black woman will address this economic problem or prove that he cares about their situation.   It won't, because the Supreme Court does not deal with gasoline prices or government spending, the two causes of the current economic crisis.

So if you voted for Biden you are black, according to him, but not doing very well according to reality.   

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Happy Presidents Day

It's difficult to pick a favorite president because we tend to focus on the ones that we remember.  In our case, it's Cold War presidencies.
Nevertheless, I will try to look at past and recent history. 
My five picks for best presidents are:
1) George Washington----the US was lucky to have this man at the very  foundation of the republic. Most new countries go wrong from the very beginning. On the other hand, the US had the proper man at the right moment.
2) Abraham Lincoln----who else? He kept this nation together. It's sad because no one appreciated him during his presidency.
3) FD Roosevelt----great leader. He made people feel better during The Great Depression that saw huge levels of unemployment.  Also, FDR saw evil in Europe and confronted it.
4) Dwight Eisenhower----as they say, he gets better with age.  His steady leadership was exactly what the country needed after Korea and World War II.  
5) Ronald Reagan----the great communicator and the one who inspired so many to become conservatives.
Honorable mention to George W. Bush, who was brilliant after 9-11, Gerald Ford for taking over after the Nixon resignation and Harry Truman for enacting the policy of containing communism.
Overall, the US has been very lucky with the integrity of its presidents.

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