Saturday, March 21, 2020

The mass is going to be very different this weekend

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A few hours ago, I read that Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee is urging churches not to hold services during the coronavirus pandemic.  
It’s a good thought, because a religious service can put 500-1,000 people in a building. Also, people naturally show their affection when they go to church.
On Thursday night, we got a message from our Bishop Michael Olson regarding mass this weekend and probably for the time being.     
We will have scheduled masses but “sine populo” or a new Latin term for me that means “without people”.  
The “populo” will stay in their cars and wait to be called for communion.  
As an usher, I will then line up the parishioners to receive communion.
For the time being, I will follow the bishop’s rules.  He means well and the church does not need anymore lawsuits over catching the virus during mass.
Welcome to the world of the coronavirus.   
Someday, we will look back and tell our kids about the day that we sat in a parking lot and walked up to the doors of the church to get communion.
And, last but not least, I won’t get to give my wife a kiss when we say “peace be with you.”   
On second thought, maybe we can do it in the car like we did in the drive-in theatres!
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