Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Tuesday's video: A chat about Texas politics with George Rodriguez

Trump on track to tackle abortion

Trump on track to tackle abortion: The Democrats are bent on making abortion the leading issue of 2024.  What else do they have?  I am glad that President Trump has put forth a practical position to tackle the politics of abortion.    

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American Graffiti 1973 with Frank Burke

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Once in a while, you can catch "American Graffiti" on TV.  In fact, I saw it a few months ago.  Frankly, I enjoyed it a bit the more "the 10th" time around.

Back in '73, I did not get into "American Graffiti" at all.  It "didn't have much a plot" as they sang in "Wake up Little Susie"! 

Happy anniversary to a very popular movie.  

The music was great but the story is still a bit confusing so many years later.    Like "Saturday Night Fever", the songs were better than the story.     Nevertheless, the movie had an impact and introduced a lot of people to Wolfman Jack, the legendary DJ who was very popular in the West coast.

Let me find my soundtrack copy, that double LP that I bought in the 70's now available in a digital format.   We remembered the movie with our friend Frank Burke:

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