Monday, August 24, 2015

Iran nuclear deal, Clinton emails, Trump 2016 and other stories

The week in review with Bill Katz, editor of Urgent Agenda..........

Guest:  Bill Katz, editor of Urgent Agenda.........we will look at new information about the Iran nuclear Iran going to inspect itself?......the Trump factor and the GOP.........the Clinton emails story gets more complicated day by day.......there is more and more talk of VP Biden jumping in.............Obama vs Clinton talk from Monica Crowley..........a war in the Korean peninsula?......

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Idea for a poll: Ask Hispanics & African Americans about anchor babies

(My new American Thinker post)

Mr Trump has put "anchor babies" on the table.   I don't recall any politician doing that before in a presidential election context.    

Frankly,  I've heard arguments on both sides.   Bill O'Reilly made his case last night.   Our friends at Power Line added their thoughts.     Maybe we should test the idea of anchor babies and the 14th amendment.   I'd be curious to see how the Supreme Court opines on that.

In my mind, "anchor babies"  mock the law.  Also, a lot of anchor babies are actually the children of the well to do who get here, pay the hospital bill and have the baby, as Senator Rubio said.    Anchor babies are like an insurance policy, or a ticket to come to the US if things go wrong at the home country.

So let's look at "anchor babies".   In other words, it should be simple to identify those women who come here and have a baby.   We could identify them when they come into the country.   We could write a law that is humane but also respects our immigration laws.

What about the politics of this?   I would love to hear from African Americans and Hispanics.   How do they feel about US citizenship handed to babies born here out of sheer convenience?  How do they feel about babies born here who immediately qualify for social services?  After all, aren't these mothers and babies taking resources that low income blacks and Hispanics are getting?

My guess is that many Hispanics and African Americans oppose anchor babies and uncontrolled illegal immigration.    A recent poll said that Hispanics were divided about President Obama's executive order.   Some polls show that blacks are concerned about illegal immigration.

I think that a poll of African Americans and Hispanics will confirm my feelings, i.e. they don't like porous borders or anchor babies either!   After all, Hispanics and African Americans value US citizenship as much as anyone else does.

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