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Vaccine mandates & New Jersey madness plus House voting or not

Vaccine mandates & New Jersey madness plus House voting or not 11/05 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

New Jersey madness..........Payments to illegal immigrants.......House not voting today?........Lots of people working but lots of people are still not working.......Vaccine mandates............Carville vs wokes........Nixon 1968.....and other to listen:

Friday's video: Payments to illegal immigrants?:

Friday's video: 
Payments to illegal immigrants? 
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To pay or not to pay -- that's the question


(My new American Thinker post)

We understand that President Biden was not briefed on that submarine deal and how France would react.  President Biden called it "clumsy" whereas as the French called it something that you can't say in front of nice ladies.   

Now, we understand that there is another potential "clumsy" episode in the Biden presidency.  We are talking about those payments to illegal immigrants.  Here is the report:   

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering the payments of $450,000 per person to those who crossed the border illegally and were separated from family members. It is in response to a lawsuit by civil rights groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union.

The payments could therefore amount to close to $1 million per family and $1 billion overall, although the Journal said that many families would get smaller payouts. The New York Times, which also reported the planned payments, estimated that about 5,500 children were separated from parents at the southern border under the policy.

Biden was questioned about the reports by Fox News' Peter Doocy on Wednesday and flatly rejected them -- calling them "garbage" when asked if it would incentivize further illegal immigration.

"If you guys keep sending that garbage out? Yeah, but it's not true," he said.

Really?  Not true?  The ACLU has a different take on the matter.  Let's see that report:  

Yet ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero told Fox News that the plan is very much in the works.

"President Biden may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his very own Justice Department as it carefully deliberated and considered the crimes committed against thousands of families separated from their children as an intentional governmental policy," Romero said.

Not fully briefed?  Something tells me that the ACLU may be right here.  In other words, there is a group of people around President Biden who govern and put him in front of the press to say that it was "clumsy."  Sadly, these people, probably Obamistas, don't care how foolish Biden looks. They are just trying to do whatever they can before the window closes next year.

Memo to Democrats who want to get reelected in 2022: The submarine deal may have been clumsy but no one is talking about it. The payment to illegals will be the last straw.

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