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Inflation plus interest rates & Chile election & Glenn Miller 1944

Inflation plus interest rates & Chile election & Glenn Miller 1944 12/15 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Inflation 2021........Interest rates......Chile elections.....Glenn Miller 1944..........and other to listen:

Wednesday's video: It's inflation stupid

Wednesday's video: 
It's inflation stupid 
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Rudolph goes woke and the North Pole is melting with anger


(My new American Thinker post)

As the world turns, we've just learned from the Babylon Bee that Rudolph is now Rolanda:    

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer received praise for taking a stunning and brave stance against outdated binary gender stagnation by changing his name to Rolanda and subsequently dominating every field in the North Pole’s annual Female Reindeer Games.

“Rolanda is a shining beacon for young, female reindeer in more ways than one,” stated the president of the North Pole Reindeer Games Committee, Bob Chairman. “She has shattered records in every event she has entered, which says so much about the physical potential of all female reindeer.”

Rolanda The Red-Nosed Reindeer did indeed break records in all events of the Female Reindeer Games, including the Sleigh Pull, Flying, Landing, Oat Bag Toss, Gingerbread House Trampling, and the Giant Slalom. 

She struggled with the final event, Female Reindeer Feminine Ice Dancing, performing far worse than all other female competitors. The judges still awarded her the gold medal for being so stunning and brave.

We understand that the White House Press Secretary punted on Peter Doocy's question:

"Is the President concerned that males are defeating females in reindeer games"?

She circled back to Doocy but did say this:

"The President believes in diversity and that every reindeer should fulfill their individual goals."

In the meantime, the parents of the female reindeer feel cheated and showed up at the city council meeting.   IOne mother said something about driving her daughter to countless practices over time.  Another said that Santa Claus has let down his guard.  An angry mom added that she's seen Santa watching a little too much CNN lately.  Another mom screamed:  "CNN does not get ratings down there and for sure not up here.”

Well, Rudy went woke and Christmas will never be the same.   Thankfully, Santa did not accept Rudy's suggestion to use the electric sleigh or the one that runs on green energy.   Santa did not want the red light to fail, like all of that green energy stuff failed in Texas.   Santa, according to sources familiar with the situation, yelled at Rudy and told him to shut up.   He allegedly said:   "You got all the females angry at me and now you want to fly around with a battery that only goes 200 miles."

So there it goes.   Rudy's made a mess of the North Pole.   The good news is that the females are furious and looking to replace the new Rudy with an old-fashioned male reindeer.

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