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Another border tragedy

(My new American Thinker post)

During the campaign, we often heard that the Biden approach was going to be more humanitarian.  That was then, and this is now, or another story about people found in a truck or train.  This is the story:

Two undocumented immigrants [sic] died Friday afternoon after being trapped inside of a train car a few miles east of Knippa.

There were 15 people trapped inside the car in need of immediate medical attention, according to a statement from the Uvalde Police Department. Five of those individuals were flown to San Antonio hospitals, while five others were sent to area hospitals for treatment.

U.S. Border Patrol was able to reach the group after receiving a call at 3:50 p.m. notifying them that people traveling by rail were "suffocating" inside of a train car

"911 got a call — don't know if it was from a family member or one of the migrants who were locked in the shipping container," Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin told Texas Public Radio.

McLaughlin said that the train was locked and baking in the sun on the tracks for three hours.

The initial reports are reminiscent of a tragedy that occurred June 27 in which 53 people died in an abandoned tractor trailer near Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

The incident was the single deadliest migrant smuggling case in U.S. history, claiming victims who were citizens of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

What an outrage to say the least.

This is what happens when you create an incentive for people to come north unconditionally.  The poor people in that train car probably heard that there was a window to get into the U.S.  So jump on the train because the U.S. is the next stop.

As someone who came here legally with my parents, I find this appalling and as inhumane as it can get.  What is humanitarian about encouraging people to get into trucks and trains and die along the way?

Bring back "Remain in Mexico," because that was the real humanitarian policy.

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