Friday, February 24, 2023

Friday's podcast: Bad inflation report.....Ohio and "The view"....and more stories

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Friday's video: Bad inflation report.....Ohio and "The view"....and more stories

Bad inflation report.....Ohio and "The view"....4 Americans shot over the Florida Straits 1996......Happy # 67 Eddie Murray....and other stories......

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When Andrea met Ron

 (My new American Thinker post)

They say that Governor Ron DeSantis is President Trump with more charm.  I guess so.  Let's check out this encounter between Andrea Mitchell and the governor's legislation. A few days ago, Miss Mitchell was interviewing VP Kamala Harris and said this:  

“Let me ask you, what does Governor Ron DeSantis not know about black history and the black experience when he says that slavery and the aftermath of slavery should not be taught to Florida schoolchildren?”

Of course, that's FAKE NEWS with capital letters.  What the governor is rejecting is that the revolution was fought to defend slavery.  He is also objecting to having inappropriate material taught along with history.  

To his credit, the governor went after NBC and demanded a correction or apology.  His press secretary punched right back:    

To all of the bookers and producers reaching out to our office from 






 to join your shows, this will be the standard response from our office until 


 apologizes and your track record improves.

Super payback.  Trust me, NBC needs to interview Governor DeSantis a heck of a lot more than he needs them.

The big picture is this.  I remember taking history classes and learning about slavery and even the fact that George Washington had slaves.  My history teachers did not avoid the subject.  However, they put it in context or the times that these men walked the earth.  They also gave us a full picture of the man and his numerous accomplishments, such as walking away from power after two terms.   

In other words, my history teachers loved the country.   Today, many want to teach you to hate the country and blame everything on the fact some white guys wrote the Declaration of Independence and created the Constitution.

Here is the best news:  "Andrea Mitchell Reports is currently the 15th most popular show on MSNBC and 269th overall on TV..."

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We remember Joe Lieberman

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We say happy birthday to former Senator Joe Lieberman.   He was born in Connecticut on this day in 1942.  He died in 2024.

We remember Senator Lieberman for several reasons:

1) In 1998, he stood up in the US Senate and called out President Clinton's Oval Office behavior.   Unfortunately, most Democrats, and specially the party's women, stayed quiet;

2) In 2000, VP Gore selected Senator Lieberman to be the party's VP nominee.   We recall that the Gore-Lieberman ticket lost that election.     Unlike VP Gore, who became unhinged, Senator Lieberman accepted the verdict and moved on;

3) In 2003-04, it was Senator Lieberman who tried to persuade Democrats to adopt a more realistic view of the Iraq War;

4) In 2006, Senator Lieberman was defeated in the Democrat Senate primary but won the election as an independent anyway; and,

5) Mr. Lieberman became a Trump supporter in 2017

We wish him a very happy birthday.   We remember him as maybe the last of the old Democrats.  

The Liebermans wrote a good book about their 2000 campaign memories.

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