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Cubans marching plus Democrats in Texas and other stories

Cubans marching plus Democrats in Texas and other stories 07/13 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Cubans marching and what happens next? Democrats walk out again and avoid voting....Crime is now a big problem for Democrats.....Prices increase most since August 2008.......July 1994 and Cuban history.............
and other stories.........click to listen:

Tuesday’s video: The Democrat walk out

Tuesday’s video: 
The Democrats walk out of Texas 
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US flags in Cuba

Maybe Cuban kids in the future will remember this weekend's marches as the beginning of a new chapter in the island's history.  We certainly hope so.  It looks from here that the government has few options.  They can fight back or do nothing.  Either way the marches will go on.    

We've had a lot of debate up here about the U.S. flag.   So it was fascinating to read about a certain flag carried by protesters in Cuba.  

This is the story:     

Protesters in America: Burn the US Flag, a symbol of freedom, liberty, & justice—ideals that EVERY American possesses but so often ignore.


Protestors in Cuba: Fly the American Flag & are willing to die for the freedom, liberty, & justice that’s synonymous with the USA.

I don't know if the wokes, or their indoctrinators in U.S. colleges, understand what this means, but it happened.  It reminded me of Lady Liberty marching in Hong Kong not long ago.

It's amazing.  On one hand, immature U.S. citizens, spoiled by prosperity and freedom they don't appreciate, won't respect the U.S. flag.   

On the other hand, people brought up in a communist state with no freedom sure know what flag represents their aspirations of freedom.

As someone said, a teachable moment if the wokes are smart enough to see it.

What happens next in Cuba?  It's easy to sit up here and call for more marches. I live in a free country and the people in the island don't.  However, freedom is difficult to put back in the bottle.  

At times like these, or just about any time that I think about Cuba, my late parents come into view.  They suffered under this terrible regime and know what all of this social justice stuff is really all about.   They saw their beautiful country torn apart by a communist dictator. 

My guess is that mom and dad are smiling from heaven knowing that the end for that inhumane regime is near.

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July 13, 1994: The day that the Castro government murdered 37 Cubans

Another year and another anniversary.   We can add this one to the shooting of 1996 when a civilian plane was shot down by the regime.  As people march in Cuba, we remember the ones who were killed this week in 1994.  This is one of the most outrageous crimes of this inhumane regime.  

My friend Alberto de la Cruz, Managing Director of Babalu, reminded us of this massacre by posting the photos of the victims.

Over at PanAm PostJohn Suarez related the events of that terrible day:

In the early morning hours of July 13, 1994, 37 men, women, and children were killed by government agents seven miles off the Cuban coast, as they sought to travel to freedom on board the “13 de Marzo” tugboat. Eleven of these Cubans were children, ranging in age from Helen Martínez Enríquez -- just five months old -- to Mayulis Méndez Tacaronte, aged 17.

It was not an accident, as Cuban official media said.   It was a premeditated attack on Cubans trying to leave the island.

We remind you that the late Fidel, and not seen in public lately Raul Castro, are responsible for this massacre.   In fact, the same Raul who sat down and watched a baseball game with President Obama in 2016.  Yes, that one!

The museum for the victims of communism has a big Cuban wing, or the section with the names of these innocent people and the thousands of others.   As my late parents used to say, there is no punishment harsh enough for these murderers and "comunistas" who destroyed Cuba.

"Against all hope" is available in Spanish and English.   The author, Armando Valladares, spent years in a Cuban political prison.

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