Friday, January 20, 2017

Congratulations President Trump.

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A major arrest in Cuba

As some in the left cheer the commutation of Oscar Lopez-Rivera’s sentence, their romantic choice of a political prisoner in the U.S., a real political prisoner was arrested in Cuba. 
We are talking about Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, the well known dissident who got in trouble with the Castro regime years ago when he refused to perform abortions.  
This is a report from Cuba:
Dr Oscar Elias Biscet has been arrested by the Regime once again. Dr Biscet was last seen by his wife around noon today as he was headed for an internet venue. 
According to neighbors, the Regime’s security agents mounted an operation near the intersection of 7ma and Santa Catalina in Havana, where they took him in the same police car used in his unlawful arrest last week, Patrol Car 228. 
Shortly after leaving his home at noon his wife called his cell phone but calls were unattended. 
After some inquiries neighbors confirmed the arrest and sting operation to his wife Elsa Morejon, who called me to inform us of the arrest.  He was released later this evening. 
Dr Biscet is the recipient of the US Presidential Medal of Freedom and a Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. 
He has served approximately 12 years in prison, as a prisoner of conscience for his opposition to the Cuban regime. He is devout Christian and a committed friend of Israel.
We pray for Dr. Biscet’s safety. Arresting dissidents and keeping the families in the dark is the way that the Castro regime intimidates Cubans in the island.     
We call on President Obama to issue a statement before leaving office that this arrest is wrong and not in the spirit of “change”. Or maybe better, Mr. Trump should halt all negotiations with Cuba until Dr. Biscet is released.
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Friday and we have a new president of the US

Guest:  Frank Burke, businessman, author and contributor to American Thinker.........we will look at historical significance of Inauguration Day.......# 58 since George Washington took the first oath in 1789......a look back at the Obama presidency and a look forward at the Trump presidency.................................and other stories..........

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