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Babalu post: should call Che an “incompetent revolutionary”!

(My new Babalu post)

Let me thank Carlos Eire, Jorge Ponce, Alberto de la Cruz & Humberto Fontova for posting about the end of Che on this day in 1967.
It's good for the young people to read these posts and get the truth about Che.
The myth of Che is alive and well.   
Check out how covered the events of this day: Professional revolutionary "Che" Guevara is executed in Bolivia:    
"Despite Che's death more than 30 years ago, his face is still familiar to millions around the world, adorning T-shirts, key chains, and posters. He is also a constant presence in Cuba, with his image painted on walls and buildings around the nation. Many compelling films have been made about the life of Che, including the 2004 Oscar-winning film The Motorcycle Diaries."
Professional revolutionary means what?
By any "professional standard",  Che was a complete failure.
His Bolivian experience failed miserably
He died a frustrated man.  He was saved by a left wing machine determined to turn a failure into a professional revolutionary, or a symbol of something that he never was.
Che never stood for justice, human rights or freedom.  He stood for the exact opposite.
In the end, it was the peasants he was trying to convert who turned him in. These peasants were not in the mood for "liberation messages" from a white guy who spoke with an Argentine accent.
"No Che Day" is a great day for those of us who know the truth and love freedom!
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Wendy Davis is just too liberal for Texas

(My new American Thinker post)

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is running for governor.   The election is 13 months away but it is on! 

Let me say something nice about her:  She is a bright lady with a good personal story.   I will add that most Texans did not know much about her until the abortion filibuster a few months ago.

Miss Davis' basic problem is that she running for governor in the wrong state.  

In her first speech, Miss Davis delivered the usual Democrat talking points, i.e. "the GOP is the party of the rich," "we need more investments in education and our quality of life," "we can do better" etc.

Miss Davis' chief problem is that Texans can read between the lines. "Investments in education" means more power to the teachers' public union and higher taxes. 

William Murchison knows a lot about Texas and he has a few thoughts about this campaign:     

"Sen. Davis would surmount these philosophical roadblocks... how? Through inflicting Texans with higher taxes and stricter regulations?   Could she really bring off such a feat in such a state?   The lady aims, apparently, to urge bigger and bigger bucks for Texas's just so-so system of public education: without explaining thus far what she intends to buy with such extra cash as the legislature might grant in new taxes."

Last, but not least, Senator Davis will get a lot of money from liberal groups and the national media will give her a free ride.  However, they loved Anne Richards too and it got here nowhere against George W Bush in 1994.

We don't say "final" until the game is over.  However, it does not look good because Miss Davis is a very liberal lady running in a very conservative state.  

You can hear CANTO TALK here.

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Babalu post: “Tapate la boca, Correa”: We don’t have to buy broccoli from you!

(My new Babalu post)    

President Correa of Ecuador can not get away with saying this:  
"Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa said that American exceptionalism is reminiscent of Nazism “before and during World War II.”   “Does not this remind you of the Nazis’ rhetoric before and during World War II? They considered themselves the chosen race, the superior race, etc. Such words and ideas pose extreme danger,” Correa told RT Spanish. Correa referred to President Barack Obama’s statement that “America is exceptional” because it stands up for the world’s interests not just its own.   However, Correa said that the U.S. has and will continue to violate international law."
Outrageous. You can't allow someone to get away with a statement like that without some consequences.
Therefore, I call on the US to officially start looking for broccoli somewhere else.
Ecuador won't have any trouble selling its oil.   However, what other country is going to buy the $166 million in "cut flowers", vegetables and tuna?
We import $9 billion from Ecuador!
I guarantee you that the US will have no trouble buying these goods from other countries.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a few of Mr Correa's Latin American neighbors would gladly replace Ecuador!
Some will say that the people of Ecuador should not be punished for their president's stupid rhetoric.
You can say the same things about the businesses that move goods and services both ways in this trading relationship.
At the same time, you can't allow a demagogue to comapre the US to Nazi Germany. You can't!

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