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VP in Guatemala and not US-Mexico border plus Bush vs Paxton in Texas & more

VP in Guatemala and not US-Mexico border plus Bush vs Paxton in Texas & more 06/03 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

VP in Guatemala and not US-Mexico border....Bush vs Paxton in Texas....The left after Senator Manchin over filibuster.......DiMaggio at # 20 on way to 56......and other to listen:

Thursday’s video: The problem is at the US border not Guatemala......

Thursday’s video: 
The problem is at the US border not Guatemala.......  
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Angry Democrats in Texas

(My new American Thinker)

You probably heard about the Democrats walking out over the weekend.   Yes, they are furious that the legislature passed a voting bill that they don't like, or more specifically did not have the votes to stop.   Like a game on rain delay, the legislature will reopen soon and the bill will pass.  

The new bill simply reconfirms how we vote in Texas.  Nevertheless, you would think that Governor Greg Abbott is Fidel Castro if you listen to the Democrats.   Some of us have not seen so much talk about vote suppression since the last time that the Democrats threw a fit about another law.  

Why are the Democrats so angry?  The answer is message and voter turnout.

Back on election day 2020, the Democrats were convinced that it was their year.  After all, didn't Beto O'Rourke break the ice when he got 48% against Senator Cruz.  On the Friday before the election, a poll had Biden up and Senator John Cornyn in a tie.  As you know, President Trump carried Texas and Senator Cornyn had a landslide reelection.  Wonder if anyone asked for a refund from that pollster?  

It was going to be their year, until they counted the votes.  Then suddenly it was good old Red Texas all over again.  The Democrats went 0-10 in congressional districts despite putting lots of resources and TV ads tying every candidate to President Trump.  In the end, the TV ads tying Democrats to "defund the police" turned out to be more persuasive.

Just recently, a special election for the U.S. Congress was another disappointment.  The final vote will be between two Republicans.  To be fair, it is a district that the GOP should win but the Democrat turnout was bad -- thus no Democrat will be on the ballot. Trust me, the Democrats did not see this coming.

So what's going on?   

First, the Democrats are finding out that a growing Hispanic population does not necessarily mean more Democrats elected.  President Trump did well in South Texas in large part because Hispanics like a strong economy and do not believe that the border should be open.  After all, most of those Hispanics were born here or respected the law to come in.  They don't understand why other people cannot do the same thing.  

Second, the Democrats have a San Francisco message that does not play well in Texas.  From "abortion on demand" to gun control, the Democrat message is not turning on voters.  The abortion issue ('the new heartbeat law") will be a problem for Democrats with Hispanic women.  As a Hispanic lady said to me:  "How can you abort a heart beating?"  My guess is that most Hispanic women agree with that.

So what do you do when your voters don't turn out or your jingle doesn't get clicks?  You blame the other side for "suppressing" the vote.  Honestly, the Democrats would be better off with a message adjustment.

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