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"Adios muchacha": It's time for Cristina Fernandez to resign

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"Adios muchachos" is one of the all time greatest tangos.  It is the story of a man who understands his predicament, says goodbye and moves on to meet his sorry fate. (By the way, the English version is "I get ideas" by Louis Armstrong, a great song but with a totally different message!).

It's hard to see how President Fernandez survives the latest scandal in Argentina. In other words, how can anyone in her staff seriously think that she will avoid her sorry fate or "destino" as they say in Spanish?

According to news report, she is the target of a major cover-up investigation:
"Federal Prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita has requested to investigate President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman in the case that looks into the alleged cover-up of Iran's role in the 1994 AMIA bombing.
Pollicita presented a 61-page report before Judge Daniel Rafefas, giving green light to the complaint first filed by now late AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman.
Ruling Victory Front (FpV) lawmaker Andrés Larroque, social leader Luis D’Elía, head of the political group Quebracho Fernando Esteche, ex judge Héctor Yrimia and Allan Bogado have been also charged.
Pollicita’s presentation does not involve an inquiry of the defendants. More details of the presentation were not revealed, as the prosecutor imposed secrecy on the report.
Judge Rafecas, who was on leave till February 20, has decided to resume duties on Wednesday 18, returning to court to address Pollicita's request. He is to confirm whether the suspects must be formally investigated or not."
The case is further complicated because Mr Nisman, the leading prosecutor, was found dead in his apartment the day before he was to make a presentation to Congress.

You can't make this up, as the popular saying goes!

"Among documents found at his apartment (the crime scene) was the draft of an arrest warrant for Fernandez.
Nisman was the lead investigator of a terrorist attack involving Iran, and possibly the foremost expert on Iran’s expanding operations in Latin America.
At first Fernandez tweeted it was suicide, later that it was murder. The facts of the case point to murder. However, it’s unlikely we’ll ever find out what really happened.
Argentina is a beautiful country, blessed with a variety of climates and terrains, rich soil, and a great port. But the political condition of the once-prosperous country for the last seventy years is rife with a history of assassinations and suspicious suicides; indeed, when I first heard of Nisman’s death, I called it a murder, even while I was being told it appeared to be suicide."

Yes, Argentina is a beautiful country. They have some of the greatest "futbol" players in the world. They are passionate, as you can hear in their "tangos" and political discussions.   

At the same time, they've accepted a lot of mediocrity in their politics. It gets even more complicated when mediocrity mixes with corruption.

The result is what is unfolding way down under.   

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